WATCH: Gene Simmons Is Banned For Life From Fox News For Lewd Behavior On Live TV

WATCH: Gene Simmons Is Banned For Life From Fox News For Lewd Behavior On Live TV

And no, it’s not because he parked in the wrong spot or showed up late for hair and makeup.

Gene Simmons, best known as the front man of KISS, is now 68 and has been officially banned from Fox News, with his photograph pinned up in the security entrance of Fox’s Manhattan headquarters. So far, Simmons’ team has not responded to any media request about his new “do not admit” status.

For years, Simmons has been welcomed by Fox News and Fox Business due to his robust presentation, star appeal and conservative values. But this time, after taunting and insult female staffers, he’ll have a hard time getting back in. On Wednesday, Simmons appeared on Fox & Friends and then Mornings with Maria to talk about his new book entitled On Power.

In a Twitter video posted of meteorologist Janice Dean, we can see that Simmons popped up from his space on the couch to help her present the forecast before settling back down and being asked by Maria Bartiromo for input on the Harvey Weinstein scandal.

Simmons then described himself as a “powerful and attractive man” before saying that “men are jack***es” and that men are fueled by testosterone, and that’s he’s not “validating or defending” Harvey’s actions, but that men need to be trained by their mothers and families from a very young age that “half the world’s population are female, and they need to be treated with respect.”

And if Simmons had followed his own advice about treating women with respect, he wouldn’t have been banned.

After appearing on television, he invited himself to a staffer meeting and allegedly shouted “hey chicks, sue me!” and opened up his shirt to expose his chest and belly before making Michael Jackson pedophile jokes, tapping two employees with his book and making comments on their relative intelligence based on the sound his book made when he tapped them on the head with it.

Of course, Gene Simmons is still a part of the cause and we’ve championed him in the past, so we have a responsibility to call out the above behavior as unacceptable now.

In 2014, we wrote him up for an interview. Simmons, whose family immigrated from Israel to the U.S. when he was eight years-old told the Huffington Post that immigrants have:

“…an inferred fiduciary duty to learn how to speak English. Get rid of your accent. I did. Be a legal immigrant. I’m a legal immigrant.”

He went on to say that the “politically-correct climate is bulls**t” and that while his interviewer might not want to upset anyone by telling newcomers to “Learn to speak G**damn English” that he, as an immigrant himself, will say it. He praised learning English and getting rid of your foreign accent as the key to unlocking the kingdom.

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