WATCH: Katy Perry Sits Down With Black Lives Matter To Apologize For Being Who She Is [VIDEO]

WATCH: Katy Perry Sits Down With Black Lives Matter To Apologize For Being Who She Is [VIDEO]

Wow… could Katy Perry be anymore pathetic? It’s hard to think so. Now, she is crawling to Deray McKesson and Black Lives Matter to beg for forgiveness. Why? Because she freaking braided her hair and according to Black Lives Matter, only black women can do that because their is power in their hair. What bull feces. After listening to Perry, I think she has slipped a cog or done too many drugs along the way. She sounds hippy dippy and unhinged to me.

She now says she has made “several mistakes” in “cultural appropriation.” Ostensibly because she braided her hair and because she dressed Japanese and other things. Good grief… no wonder she’s cut all her hair off, died it blonde and is dressing in baggy hipster crap. She’s afraid of offending anyone and everyone out there. And what the hell is an ’empowered angel’? Just bananas. By trying to please everyone, she’s turning everyone off.

From TheBlaze:

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Pop singer and icon Katy Perry apologized during an interview with Black Lives Matter activist Deray McKesson for her “several mistakes” in “cultural appropriation.” She made the acknowledgements as part of a YouTube series of conversations and performances.

“I’ve made several mistakes,” she told McKesson, “even in like the ‘This Is How We Do’ video, about how I wore my hair. And having a hard conversation with one of my empowered angels, Cleo, about what does it mean? Why can’t I wear my hair that way? Or what is the history behind wearing the hair that way?”

“And she told me about the power in black women’s hair,” Perry continued, “and how beautiful it is, and the struggle, and I listened, and I heard and I didn’t know, and I won’t ever understand some of those things because of who I am. I will never understand but I can educate myself and that’s what I’m trying to do along the way.”

“And even in, you know, my intention to appreciate Japanese culture, I did it wrong, with a performance,” she explained. “And I didn’t know that I did it wrong until I heard people saying I did it wrong.”

I’m just stunned at the level of self-loathing and the begging for forgiveness for stuff that is just stupid. Of course Black Lives Matter will let her debase herself in front of them. She’s white. What kind of example does this set for her fans? It’s just sickening. This cultural appropriation crap is utter nonsense. You don’t own a culture, or a hairstyle, or a way to dress. Knock it off.

Of course, wrapped up in all of this is some form of screwed up idea of feminism. This comes off as a desperate plea for attention and to be in the limelight. Honey, this won’t help your music sales. By stepping into politics like this, you are just going to tick everyone off. Ditch the idiotic feminism, subservience to others and your self-loathing. Go back to being who you really are… that’s the singer that people loved to listen to. Not some guru wannabe with horrid fashion sense.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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