Wrestling Champion Uses Wrestling Moves to Subdue and Capture Criminals

Former wrestling champion Daniel Bryan used a “rear naked choke hold” on a guy he caught breaking into his home. Turns out the police had warrants out for the guy for kidnapping, too.That’s one way to put former training to work, eh?

Daniel Bryan, whose real name is Bryan Danielson, is a World Wrestling Entertainment performer, but he proved that his moves aren’t all fake

A wrestling champion used the skills he honed in the ring to subdue a suspected thief he saw leaving his Phoenix home with week.

When WWE star Bryan Danielson – known as Daniel Bryan in the ring – saw two men leaving his house on Thursday night he quickly gave chase, and was able to stop one suspect by using a wrestling hold.

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Danielson is known for his signature Yes hold during World Wrestling Entertainment events, but in this instance he used a ‘rear naked choke hold’ to stop Cesar Sosa, 22.

According to police, Danielson and his wife, Brianna, were driving into the carport of their Arcadia home when they say a door to the house start to open.

Arrested: Cesar Sosos faces burglary charges over the break in
That’s when Danielson and his wife – WWE star Brie Bella – ran inside to check on their dog, Josie.

‘I saw the guys running out the back. I chased them. I caught one of them. I kept him until police got there,’ Danielson said.

Well, that’s one way to use what you learned at work in your daily life!

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