Wynonna Judd Goes Full On Patriotic After Sister Ashley’s Rant at the Women’s March

Wynonna Judd Goes Full On Patriotic After Sister Ashley’s Rant at the Women’s March

After hearing her sister Ashley Judd talk about “feeling Hitler in these streets” and implying that our President has inappropriate dreams about his daughter Ivanka at the so-called “women’s march,” Wynonna Judd decided to send a message of her own.

It is amazing how siblings can be such ideological opposites. Well, at least there’s one Judd with common sense.


Independent Journal Review covered Wynonna’s reaction to her sister’s disgraceful speech.

For those who missed it, Ashley recited a four-minute poem titled “Nasty Woman” written by 19-year-old Franklin, Tennessee, resident Nina Donovan.

The fiery speech implied President Trump promotes sexism, racism and homophobia.

In the poem Judd recited, it stated that Trump uses his daughter Ivanka as his sex symbol, calling their relationship an inspiration for his “wet dreams.”

In the wake of her controversial speech, the “Divergent” actress received both praise and strong criticism.

One of those people responding to her speech is her own sister, country music singer Wynonna Judd.

While Wynonna typically uses her social media to spark up conversations with her fans and to share bits of faith, the “Wynonna & The Big Noise” singer addressed her thoughts on her sister’s speech:

She directly advocated for unity, unlike her lovely sister, who accused the President of the United States of having “wet dreams” about his own daughter. It’s amazing how much class this woman has.

And it didn’t go unnoticed on Twitter, either.

At least she has the good sense to refuse to talk politics as a celebrity. I applaud her for that.

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