You Won’t Believe the Way Celebrity Norm Macdonald Slams Bill Maher and Jon Stewart

You Won’t Believe the Way Celebrity Norm Macdonald Slams Bill Maher and Jon Stewart

He is best known for his time spent on Saturday Night Live, but Norm Macdonald may have just given the greatest interview in comedy history. Why? Because he unapologetically slammed the left’s two favorite comedians, Jon Stewart and Bill Maher.


You also referenced an aversion to political humor. That surprised me, as most people associate you with “Weekend Update” on Saturday Night Live.

I didn’t really think we did political humor on “Update.” Because most political humor is biased toward what the comedian thinks, so then it just becomes dull. Personally I’d rather just read politics. Like when people go, “Kids get their news from Jon Stewart,” then I go, “Well, then they’re in big trouble if that’s where they get their f—ing news.” Because the whole show is just making fun of Fox News. I don’t know where the news part is. It’s a hilarious show because I don’t think it’s political.

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What about Bill Maher? He’s both political and an outspoken atheist.

Yeah, yeah. I find him completely unfunny. Like, maybe the unfunniest person I’ve ever encountered that’s called a comedian. I like his show because of the arguing back and forth, and he knows a lot about politics. But the worst is when he forces you to sit on the panel while he does his New Rules, which are just a bunch of jokes. And you have to sit there, a foot from the dude with a camera in your face. You’d think he would just excuse them, but no, you have to sit there and watch.

And you’re expected to laugh.

Yeah, of course. You have to laugh like a banshee. I like watching actual political guys who know their stuff. One time Bill Maher was on Meet the Press, and it was hilarious. George Will like tore into him, because once you get in with the big boys who actually do it for a living, it doesn’t matter what you know. George Will had huge contempt for him and was slapping him around, and suddenly Bill Maher wasn’t confident at all anymore. It was really funny to watch. [Maher and Will actually sparred on ABC’s ‘This Week.’]

It doesn’t make much sense, the popularity of Jon Stewart and Bill Maher, considering that neither of them is really all that funny. At least one of their peers is willing to stand up and say so.

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