AWKWARD: Chelsea Clinton BUSTED Spreading ‘Fake News’ From 2014

AWKWARD: Chelsea Clinton BUSTED Spreading ‘Fake News’ From 2014

Before we get into the much deserved bashing of this woman, let us take the time to remember that she is the daughter of a philandering, lying ex-president and a heartless robot with zero likability who is also a liar. Chelsea Clinton didn’t stand a chance in this world and as we read on and discover what she was all about, we learn that the phrase, “like mother, like daughter” is as credible as it’s going to get for the Clinton ladies.

So, what has her all up in arms? Recently a Michigan House bill has been the cause of Chelsea’s recent crusade and it has to do with refusal of service of homosexual individuals by emergency medical techs. But what’s vitally important to this particular claim is that this whole ‘controversy’, is built on a huge lie. Two of them actually!

And finally, probably the most important part of this whole thing – none of it was true!

Alright, Clinton and Clintonites. Enough with the false narratives already. How about you do your homework and start giving the benefit of the doubt, while you gather the needed facts so you don’t look like a complete idiot. What’s really sad is that she doesn’t even try to make things right and correct her mistake.

Hi Chelsea. The story was also false.

— Stephen Miller (@redsteeze) September 15, 2017

The excuse that she tries to give is just pathetic. When one twitter user calls her out for her obvious mistake, she actually responds to the guy, so she get some credit for that…but what she responds with will make you shake your head in complete disbelief because she doesn’t even own up to her mistake. Instead, she gives some lame excuse to save face:

Are you kidding me? People, you just have to realize that this woman is trying so hard to prepare for a career in politics, just like her crooked mom. I’m torn between us doing everything we can to stop it, or just sitting back and watching up and not-coming Clinton crash and burn on her own volition. If there is one thing that is true, it’s this – she is as horrible at politics as Hillary.

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