Chelsea Clinton ‘SUED’ For Allegedly Ripping Off Idea For Her Book ‘She Persisted’

Chelsea Clinton ‘SUED’ For Allegedly Ripping Off Idea For Her Book ‘She Persisted’

Hillary for Prison?

Maybe make some room on that bunkbed for Chelsea.

In the past year, the former First Daughter wrote up a children’s book entitled She Persisted and has been making the rounds at book signings, encouraging all women to speak up (unless your name is Juanita Broaddrick, or any of the other women who accused Bill Clinton of raping them — then please be quiet). She Persisted is a book about women who have persisted through challenges throughout history. And now it looks like She Persisted may not have been Chelsea’s idea.

As reported in The Daily Mail:

An author is suing Chelsea Clinton for ‘ripping off’ his idea to write her feminist children’s book ‘She Persisted’.

Christopher Janes Kimberley, 56, filed a federal lawsuit in New York against Chelsea Clinton, 37, and Penguin Random House accusing the former first daughter of copyright infringement.

Court documents obtained by reveal Kimberley is seeking up to $150,000 in damages and any profits from the New York Times best seller.

Oh no! Didn’t Chelsea’s parents teach her to be honest and ethical? No?

Kimberly is claiming that he wrote a three-volume kid’s book entitled A Heart is the Part That Makes Boys and Girls Smart back in 2013, and that the book itself contained “Fiften quotes and stories from historical figures such as Helen Keller, Harriet Tubman and Nellie Bly” in its Quotable Questionnaire section.

Chelsea’s book contains 13 stories and quotes from the same three women in Kimberly’s book.

Kimberly is telling reporters that he sent his book proposal to Penguin Random House, but did not hear back from them, but they then later published Chelsea’s book.

More from the Daily Mail:

Kimberley alleges Clinton’s book willfully infringed upon his work by including quotes and stories from the women in featured in his.

Earlier this year, he learned about Clinton’s book. Kimberley said he immediately noticed similarities, specifically from his ‘Quotable Questionnaire’ section.

Kimberley fired off a cease and desist to Clinton and the publisher in April before it hit bookstores.

Nevertheless, she continued to promote the book by going on morning shows like The Today Show and The View.

Not that anyone who cares about truth and honesty are the ones buying these books…

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