Beijing Residents Say Trump Is Far Better President Than Obama – MEDIA BLACKOUT

Beijing Residents Say Trump Is Far Better President Than Obama – MEDIA BLACKOUT

Local Chinese are saying that Trump is “more honest than Obama” and the mainstream media here in the west is completely quiet on it.

Now that Trump’s visit to the nation is over, the South China Morning Post newspaper spoke to many citizens about their feelings on Trump and they weren’t just positive but they were in direct comparison of Obama. One person called Trump a “pure businessman” who, when he talks about guns, warfare and artillery he’s “really talking about business.” This is in contrast to Obama who “would only do what his advisers told him [to do] and not be so flexible.” He went on to say that Trump’s ideas were his own and it was all coming from “his own mind.”

Another pointed out that at 71, Trump is “spirited and energetic” and he “pushes beyond his own boundaries and he takes up new challenges” which makes him admire the American President. “I think his mental age is quite young,” said the teacher.

There was also praise for Ivanka Trump, who was called “beautiful” and was praised for her “nice speeches” and her influence.

Donald Trump, in return, praised the Chinese and their President Xi Jinping, as well as the city of Beijing with their ability to manage to create such a huge trade surplus with the Americans, which Trump has blamed on previous Presidents. Restoring the trade deficit with China has been one of his campaign priorities since 2015.

Both Trump and his wife Melania were granted the rare privilege of touring the Forbidden City and even having a meal there, and Trump said they all have “great chemistry.” Trump believes that he needs Beijing on board if he wants to convince North Korea to simmer back again, which is considered a global security challenge. By focusing on North Korea, China can keep the trading relationship between their country and the US civil and cordial.

Trump and his family certainly impressed, with his young granddaughter singing in Mandarin to “Grandpa Xi.” When Xi described himself as a descendant of dragons, Trump said, “That’s Great!” instead of making the Game of Thrones joke that everyone else reading this would’ve wanted to crack.

In April of this year, we wrote that China threatened to bomb North Korea’s nuclear facilities after having a meeting with President Trump. That was after President Xi and his wife had visited Mar-A-Lago to meet with the Trumps for the first time.

Margaret M.

Internet Specialist at Warfare Media.

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