China Makes Huge Move Against Islam – Confiscates All Qurans & Prayer Mats [VIDEO]

China Makes Huge Move Against Islam – Confiscates All Qurans & Prayer Mats [VIDEO]

In northwest China, authorities have started cracking down on their Uyghur, Kazakh and Kyrgyz Muslims.

Muslim families must now hand over all of their religious items, including their prayer mats and copies of the Quran must be handed over to government officials. Using the app WeChat, announcements are being sent out listing the items that must be handed over. WeChat is a Chinese social media site used in place of Facebook, Twitter and payment websites. Human rights activist Hu Jia was jailed for three years for sedition and it is assumed that he was found out when governmental officials accessed his WeChat and listened to his voicemails.

There are 21 million Muslims living in China.

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As reported in Asian media:

“Pretty much every household has a Koran, and prayer mats.”

A Kazakh source confirmed to the media that village, town and county officials are all on the hunt for Islamic items, including things that are decorated with Islamic symbols like the crescent moon. Right now, you are expected to hand your items over voluntarily, but anything that is found left over will cause you to face “harsh punishments.”

This is part of the “three illegals and one item” campaign that bans illegal materials and religious activities as well as the tools of terrorism, including knives, drones and flammable objects. As well, they are forcing ethnic groups like the Kazakhs to remove any items that contain instances of their native language. This includes t-shirts and graffiti, as well as food brought over the border from Kazakhstan. There are approximately 1.5 million Kazakhs in China and some are being forced to turn in their Kazakh green cards.

It’s not only Islam that is facing government intervention. A few weeks ago we reported that a Chinese province was forbidding teachers and children from attending Christian church services with their parents. Not only are children forbidden from attending church services, but they are unable to join any Christian groups. The Communists rationalize this by saying that by keeping teachers and children away from churches, they are allowing the kids to develop the “correct worldview.”

Of course, imams are also being forced to abandon Shariah law and swear to not teach their religion to children. Imams must chant out loud that their income comes from the Communist Party and not from Allah, and must tell children that prayer is “harmful to their soul.”

As published in April of this year, this video from the Associated Press shows how anti-Muslim sentiment has grown, especially on social media.

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