VIDEO: Naked And In Heels, Woman Dances On Top Of Stranger’s Car…He’s Ticked Off, Does THIS!

VIDEO: Naked And In Heels, Woman Dances On Top Of Stranger’s Car…He’s Ticked Off, Does THIS!

Last month there was an incident on a busy highway in Houston, where a rather rotund woman doffed her clothing, climbed atop the cab of an 18-wheeler and proceeded to snarl traffic for two hours by commencing to engage in a provocative dance routine which did not please the onlookers stranded in the results.

That was seen as a bizarre one-off. But apparently, it was the beginning of a trend. To China…

car dancer

It’s not every day that you drive into the city only to discover a naked woman dancing on the roof of your car.

This is exactly what happened to a Chinese driver, who found the unexpected guest had caused a major traffic jam in the downtown of Hefei, east China’s Anhui province, on April 9, People’s Daily Online reports.

An incredible footage captured the moment the fed-up man yanking the woman off his car by her ankle. The woman can be seen tumbling to the ground and crying out in pain. 

In the video footage, the woman can be seen completely naked, wearing only high heels, dancing on top of a white car.

The man becomes so fed up with the woman that he can be seen grabbing hold of the woman by her ankle and yanking her off his car.

The woman hits the floor instantly and appears to hit her head.

Footage then pans to the woman still naked, screaming and crying on the floor surrounded by people.

Onlookers put a suitcase around her to attempt to cover her dignity while another woman puts a white jumper over her chest.

We wouldn’t present this fiasco to you without letting you see the video…

That guy had places to go. He wasn’t having any kind of burlesque show on his ride.

The incident in Houston lasted a lot longer because there wasn’t a cranky Chinaman available to put a stop to it. In Houston, it took the police to put an end to the situation. Please don’t tell us this means the Chinese are less dependent on government than Texans are.

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