Poor Woman Becomes TRAPPED In An Elevator Undiscovered For Weeks, Then They Find Her Like THIS!

Good Lord, what an absolutely awful way to go

A Chinese woman died of thirst after becoming trapped in an elevator for a month because maintenance workers shut off the power supply after failing to properly check if anyone was inside.

Workers came to repair a malfunctioning elevator in the northern city of Xi’an in late January, according to local authorities, and shut off the power after shouting to ask if anyone was there.

Power was switched off to the elevator, which was stuck between the 10th and 11th floors, and the workmen left for the New Year holiday, returning at the start of March to find the body and desperate scratch marks on the inside of the lift.

According to reports in  China, the government said the investigation found the death was due to a grave error by the maintenance company for not opening the car before cutting the power, and not verifying after the power was off whether there was anyone inside.

The deceased woman, 43, reportedly lived alone in building and the government report called the failure to inspect the lift ‘gross negligence’.

Police are treating the case as involuntary manslaughter and confirmed several people have been arrested.

China is prone to safety accidents as regulations and standards are often flouted and enforcement is lax, sometimes due to corruption.

Can you imagine the lawsuit if something like that happened in America? What an awful, awful case.

Maybe the lesson is don’t ever get on an elevator in China.

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