This Chart Clearly Shows You The Difference Between Jesus and Muhammad

This Chart Clearly Shows You The Difference Between Jesus and Muhammad

The Savior and the likes of Muhammad should never share the same sentence. However, because this is a chart comparing their vast differences…this is the only exception.

Muhammad is nothing more than a man fooled to do the evil bidding under Satan himself. Have you heard how he even came to being the so-called prophet of Islam?

Yes, Islam…which literally means “submission.”

He called it a revelation of faith he received while he was meditating in a cave on Mount Hira. He said he was called on by God (Allah) to be a prophet and teacher for a brand new faith that he was to birth and it was Islam.

He said it was a vision. A vision that laid out the entire foundation of a new religion. Apparently, the ‘religious’ visions started happening when he was 40 years old. He believed that he was to be God’s final prophet.

However, when looking at this side by side comparison, would you say this is the kind of man and actions God would call on to be a prophet?

Absolutely not.

If this man had a vision, it was not provided by God. It was provided by a being who likes to try and mimic God to fool the foolish, in order to make way for wickedness to reign.

A ‘being’ like…oh I don’t know…Satan?

I mean…just saying.

There have just been 149 children kidnapped in the name of Islam, to be used as human shields. This is the latest report in terror, a report that updates more often than it should be humanly possible with more and more acts of terror.

He was no prophet of God.

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