Children Confiscated in Norway Because of Christian Upbringing

Raising a normal family with normal values can get you in deep trouble with the authorities in a society completely dominated by progressives:

A Christian family in Norway has lost its appeal to have its children returned, after the government forcibly removed five children from their home. …

Marius Bodnariu, a Romanian, and his Norwegian wife Ruth, former members of the Pentecostal Church in Bucharest, moved to Naustdal, Norway 10 years ago, where they raised five children. As reported by Marius’ brother Daniel, on November 16, Norway’s child welfare services took away the Bodnarius’ two oldest children, showing up at their school and removing them from class without their parents’ knowledge. Police later that day arrived at the Bodnarius’ home and also forcibly removed the two older boys, leaving Ruth with her three-month-old baby, who was taken away the following day by police as well.

Two days later, child welfare services notified the parents that their children were in the care of two separate foster families and were “integrating” well.

No doubt that means they are embracing one of the acceptable religions: political correctness and Islam.

One of the officials reportedy said to Ruth, “The kids don’t even miss you. What kind of parents are you?” Marius and Ruth were later informed by the government that they were guilty of “Christian radicalism and indoctrination.”

Apparently, the children’s removal was instigated by the school principal, who complained to child welfare services that the Bodnarius were “very Christian” and their belief that God punishes sin “creates a disability in the children.”

Repressive as the war on Christianity has already gotten in the USA, liberal Scandinavia demonstrates that it can and will get worse in the absence of meaningful resistance.

The Bodnariu family: Unacceptably Christian.

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