Country Music Singer Reveals She Has Terminal Cancer

Country Music Singer Reveals She Has Terminal Cancer

Rory and Joey Feek are a country music duo who are famous for being deeply in love and being passionately devoted to Christian values. Fans were devastated this weekend after Joey made a devastating announcement: she has terminal cancer.

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She has stopped chemo treatment and is spending what little time she has left at home with her family.

Her cancer is stage four, and has spread throughout her entire body. Rory wrote on his blog, “Sometimes there just aren’t enough surgeries — or doctors — or chemotherapies — or prayers. And you have to wipe the tears from your cheeks and say the words that you were hoping to never have to say…. Enough. So we did what you do when the medicine isn’t working, and the doctors are at a loss…and when the ‘statistics’ say you can do more chemo, but it will only buy you a little time…”

He added, “We came home. Not to die. But to live.”

Screen shot 2015-10-26 at 11.45.38 AM reported:

The couple have cancelled all of their November and December tour dates.

Joey, 40, was first diagnosed with cervical cancer in June of 2014, three months after giving birth to the couple’s daughter Indiana, who has down syndrome. Though treatments initially seemed to be working, the cancer returned with a vengeance.

Rory wrote that they are now back on their Tennessee farm enjoying what time they have left together as a family.

“So we don’t have forever,” he wrote. “We’ve got right now. And that’s enough.”

Now, the Feeks are asking their fans to pray for a miracle.

‘Even though we know we’ve reached the end of what medicine can do — and while we prepare for what God has put in front of us… Joey and I will continue to pray for a miracle,” Rory continued. “We ask for your prayers too. For a miracle. And even more so, for peace with His decision.”

Please pray for the Feeks during this hard time.

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