High School Sports Officials Deny Disqualifying a Runner Because of THIS

High School Sports Officials Deny Disqualifying a Runner Because of THIS

A high school cross-country runner was disqualified, costing him a $1,000 scholarship… because he had a bible verse written on his headband. The officials are denying it, although they haven’t given an alternate explanation as to why he actually was disqualified.

john green

High school sports officials have denied disqualifying a cross country runner from a race because he had written a Bible verse on his headband.

John Green from West Forsyth High School in Georgia finished third in the Class AAAAAA Championships on Saturday.

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But shortly after he crossed the line, he found out he had actually come last out of 226 racers for wearing the verse, Isaiah 40: 30-31. ‘Soaring on wings like eagles’, around his head.

It has cost him a $1,000 scholarship to the Atlanta Track Club given to the top racers in the metro area.

The high school are now appealing the decision, but the Georgia High School Association (GHSA) said it was against the rules.

Georgia Congressman Douglas Collins was also angry at the decision. He tweeted: ‘Religious expression being squashed right here in the Ninth District. This is outrageous.’

The Forsyth County News reported that Green wore the same head band in the same meet last year – but was not disqualified.

… In a statement sent to FOX 5, the GSHA denied the Bible verse had anything to do with the disqualification.

They said: ‘First, let’s be completely clear that this disqualification had nothing to do with what was written on the athlete’s headband. The fact that it was of a religious nature did not enter into the decision whatsoever.’

‘Also, despite published reports to the contrary, the athlete and his coach were informed BEFORE the start of the race that the headband in question was illegal and could not be worn during the race.’

‘After being informed that the headband was illegal, the athlete removed the headband and the meet referee assumed he would run the race without it.

‘However, at some point after that, the coach and the athlete made the decision to ignore the warning and the headband was put back on. Since the athlete then ran the race with apparel that had already been ruled illegal, there was no choice but to issue a disqualification.’

They also sent the TV station a statement from the race referee who made the decision.

‘I was called to the start line by the clerk concerning the headband, they said. ‘It was a white headband with large black letters written on it. The coach said he could turn it inside-out and make it legal.

‘He did so, and the writing was still very visible. The rule said the item had to be and this clearly was not the case.

I told the coach and the athlete that he could not wear the headband during the competition. The athlete took it off – neither the coach nor athlete were happy – and I left.

‘When I got back to the finish area, I noticed the athlete had a white headband on. So, when I saw him come down the finish hill, I went inside the finish corral to watch him finish, and he had the same headband on.

‘I told the timer to DQ him, I paged the coach, and told the coach of the disqualification.’

So he was disqualified for his headband, but not because it had a Bible verse written on it? That literally makes no sense at all, and it reeks of some major backpedaling.

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