It Begins: MA Court Tells Catholic School It Must Hire Homosexuals

It Begins: MA Court Tells Catholic School It Must Hire Homosexuals

Remember that thing called “religious freedom” that this country was founded on? Yeah, apparently it doesn’t exist anymore.

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The Fontbonne Academy, a Catholic Girls Preparatory School, has just earned a place in American history. This past week a Massachusetts court decided that religious institutions like Fontbonne had no right to “discriminate” against homosexuals by choosing not to hire them. The court said that the religious freedom of those attending the Fontbonne Academy was not as important as the “right” of a homosexual to work for the school.

From Buzzfeed:

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As to the constitutional claim, the school argued that its expressive association rights would be infringed if forced to hire Barrett. The court, however, found that the school failed to meet two of the three standards set by the Supreme Court for such claims in its 2000 decision regarding the Boy Scouts. Although the academy does engage in “at least some form of expression,” meeting the first standard, the court found that there is “minimal risk” that Barrett’s hire would “significantly and seriously burden [Fontbonne’s] expression.”

… The liberal Massachusetts Court went well out of its way to contort, twist and destroy both the 1st Amendment and the various Supreme Court rulings on the same subject. It is beyond the pale to force a Christian school (or any religious institution for that matter) to act contrary to their religious beliefs when those beliefs do not infringe upon the rights or lives of others. The complainant felt he was discriminated against because he lost a job opportunity after the Catholic school learned of his homosexuality, but the truth is that he was free to find work anywhere. The Fontbonne Academy is now simply another example of a tyrannical activist government forcing its views on to a supposedly free people. The First Amendment means nothing to the court in Massachusetts, and it also obviously means nothing to the liberals who are now applauding this decision.

Liberals literally care nothing about the constitution — they only care about forwarding their own twisted agenda. It’s sad that Christians are the ones who tend to be the ones they try to attack the most.

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