MEDIA Use Houston Tragedy For VIRAL Political Attack On Christians Calling Them ‘Greedy and Selfish’

MEDIA Use Houston Tragedy For VIRAL Political Attack On Christians Calling Them ‘Greedy and Selfish’

I chastised Osteen heavily in an earlier post this morning. I still stand by that, but there seems to be other factors coming to light here and they are highly suspicious. It looks to me like certain people with political agendas are looking for a way to smear Christians overall, which is just despicable when the overwhelming majority of people helping those devastated by Hurricane Harvey are Christians. The media are calling Christians greedy and selfish which just couldn’t be further from the truth. It’s fake news.

To be fair to Osteen, the Compaq Center (where Joel Olsteen’s church, Lakewood, now resides) has a history of flooding. The shelter for the area is five miles from the church. It is bigger, has a kitchen and showers. Lakewood church does not have those facilities. Personally, I still think Osteen could roll up his sleeves and get out and help those in need more. But I’ve seen people on social media who are atheists and Muslim who are bashing Christians as a whole over this. They know that is a lie. I’ve seen pastors and Catholic priests out in those waters helping people. There are probably imams and other religious leaders out there as well. But if you really looked at the situation, you would see that Christians are everywhere on this… tirelessly saving people and helping everyone in need.

From TheBlaze:

UPDATE: The Lakewood Church posted on their Facebook page on Sunday that they were closed and inaccessible due to funding. In the wake of the controversy, the church provided an explanation for their decision, which you can read more about here.

Megachurch Televangelist Joel Osteen became a trending topic on the social media platform Twitter Monday after it was discovered that he closed the doors to his church in Houston amidst the tremendous tragedy from Hurricane Harvey.

The response was less than positive.

Joel Osteen wont open his church for #HurricaneHarvey victims. Instead, he uses their tithes to pay for his mansion,” read one tweet that went viral.

The hurricane has displaced thousands and caused billions of dollars of damage already, but is expected to cause much more as it slowly makes its way through Texas. Many residents were stranded in their homes, some forced onto the rooftops as the rains continued and the water kept rising.

While Osteen is under no legal obligation to open the doors of his church to the public, many thought it was a hypocritical for a Christian leader to keep his property safe while so many were suffering right outside its doors.

The left is spreading hateful propaganda to smear Christians. Never let an emergency go to waste, so they are using the Osteen blowup to full advantage. They are branding all Christians like this, which is a monstrous lie. Just as they have branded all on the right as white supremacists, which is another lie they are spreading.

I want to be fair to Osteen here… I just feel he could do much, much more than he is doing. And it just came out that they are indeed getting ready to open their doors. They have bought a ton of air mattresses and are setting them up for those that have been displaced. I don’t know Osteen. Perhaps he is a devout Christian and all of this is a mixup that he got caught up in. All I know is that everyone that can, should be opening their doors to those in need in Houston.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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