Move in Australia to Ban Catholic Teaching on Marriage, Force Catholics to Teach Pro-LGBT Propaganda

The criminalization of Christianity in favor of state-endorsed sexual depravity marches forward in Australia:

A state tribunal in Australia has announced it is moving forward with a discrimination complaint against a Catholic Archbishop which will likely lead to further action. The crime? Last summer, bishops across Australia distributed a pamphlet describing the Catholic view of marriage to students in their Catholic schools. An LGBT activist subsequently filed a formal complaint against one of the bishops, charging that the pamphlet “offends and humiliates” homosexuals. The complaint also targets the members of the Australian Catholic Bishops Conference, as authors of the pamphlet.

The Office of Anti-Discrimination has announced that the complaint has merit, and that Archbishop Julian Porteous, the Archdiocese of Hobart in Tasmania, the primary bishop in the complaint, is now being investigated for a violation of the Anti-Discrimination Act.

The political incorrectness of the Christian religion is the problem. The solution: to compel Christians to endorse deviancy and degeneracy in violation of their faith.

As a remedy, the complaint demands that all Catholic schools in Australia be required to implement LGBT diversity education. It also demands a formal apology by the Catholic Church to the LGBT community. The bishops named in the complaint could also face other court action and large fines.

This thought crime came to light when militant perverts found out that Christians had dared to produce a pamphlet explaining their view of marriage. First they complained to the press; then they went straight to the government:

On Sept. 15, the formal complaint was filed by Martine Delaney, a cross-dressing man who is also running for national Parliament as a “Greens” Party candidate. Since Delaney lives in Tasmania, a province of Australia, it was filed there against the Archbishop in Tasmania. Tasmania was apparently also chosen because it has a favorable legal and political climate for such a filing (a strategy also used by LGBT activists in the US).

Presenting Martin — I mean, “Martine” — Delaney:


Political correctness means Delaney et al. grinding their sickness in your face like James Cagney’s grapefruit in The Public Enemy:


Political correctness means a dictatorship of the depraved.

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