They Told the ‘Duck Dynasty’ Family Not to Talk About Their Faith… They Did THIS Instead

Liberal America has made it harder than ever to be a Christian in this nation. Christians are constantly having their religious liberties stomped all over, while Muslims and other faiths get to enjoy being “protected classes.”

The ‘Duck Dynasty’ family has had the courage to speak up publicly in defense of the Christian faith — something that isn’t very easy to do in liberal Hollywood.

Q Political reported:

Every type of perversion has some group defending it and advocating their rights as well, while precious few are pointing us to God. Korie Robertson has a new book called, “Strong and Kind”, which calls on Americans to return to God and to faith to save our nation. In it she writes,

“We’ve turned away from God. We’ve said to God, basically, ‘No thank you. I think we know better,’…it’s showing in the way that our young people are growing up and the respect that our young people have for authority, and the way that people are acting towards each other.”

The Robertson family is great because they are truly living out their faith in the public eye. They always take the opportunity to talk to people about God, and they have sincere hearts for people and aren’t about condemning or judging as the media has so eagerly tried to portray them.

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