Here’s A Patriotic Christmas Light Show Which Blew The Neighborhood Away…

Here’s A Patriotic Christmas Light Show Which Blew The Neighborhood Away…

It’s no secret that America has had a pretty serious case of the blues for several years now. Thankfully, though, there are still many of us who refuse to succumb to our current malaise.

Take, for example, this family in Tallahassee, Florida who used the time-honored tradition of Christmas lights to put on a patriotic spectacular for their neighbors, and all the rest of us.

patriotic xmas

While everyone can certainly respect these light shows that can be seen from space, there’s one house that just might win all the prizes when it comes to having the most impressive Christmas display of all time!

Not only is this light show beautiful to look at, but it should fill the hearts of any true American with pride as they gaze at the fireworks! The lights are choreographed to change colors in perfect sync with the patriotic songs that play throughout this amazing little video.

The song starts with “Proud to Be an American,” but it quickly transforms into excerpts from “The Army Goes Rolling Along,” “The Marine Corps Hymn,” “Anchors Aweigh,” and “Wild Blue Yonder,” before finishing back up with “Proud to Be an American.”

All of these songs rolled together is really a beautiful thing to behold. We’re sure that this man’s energy bill must be pretty high during the holidays, but after watching this show, it’s definitely worth it.

And now, the video…

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