Hercules Actor Tells It Like It Is: ‘Ferguson Rioters I Called Animals and Losers – And They Are’

I have friends, colleagues and clients in Hollywood. Kevin Sorbo is an inspiration to us all and has never been timid about stating things the way they truly are. But of course, when he calls the Ferguson rioters ‘animals’ and ‘losers,’ which they are, he’s labeled a racist and a hater. The rioters in Ferguson are protesting the death of a criminal and threatening the life of an innocent cop who was just trying to protect himself and Kevin Sorbo has the Christian fortitude to point it out.

Actor and Director Kevin Sorbo (AP)

From CNS News:

(CNSNews.com) – Kevin Sorbo, star of the 1990s TV series Hercules: the Legendary Journeys, as well as the 2011 movie Soul Surfer and this year’s hugely successful God’s Not Dead, said the people rioting and looting – not peacefully protesting — in Ferguson, Mo., in the wake of the Michael Brown shooting are “animals and losers,” stressing that no one has a right to “burn people’s property or attack other people when something like this happens.”

Sorbo, a Christian and conservative in Hollywood, was criticized by some liberal media, such as The Huffington Post, when he wrote against the Ferguson rioters back on Aug. 20 on his Facebook page. Sorbo had written, “Ferguson riots have very little to do with the shooting of the young man. It is an excuse to be the losers these animals truly are.”

The Huffington Post, however, ran a headline that read, “’Hercules’ Actor Kevin Sorbo Calls Ferguson Protestors ‘Animals,’ ‘Losers.’” But as Sorbo explained, he did not label the protestors that way; he wrote of the “Ferguson riots.”

In an interview with CNSNews.com, Sorbo said, “You know, people like to sensationalize all that stuff. I had the same thing happen to me when I made a comment about the Ferguson rioters and the Ferguson rioters I called animals and losers — and they are.”

No one has the right to get their rage on and burn other peoples’ businesses, homes and belongings because they feel they have been wronged (which they haven’t). Sorbo is right… the animals in Ferguson go about intimidating, terrorizing, stealing and wrecking havoc and we just sit here and watch the festivities. Just like we do with ISIS beheading and crucifying innocent Christians and children in the Middle East. America needs to find her moral bearings and get her priorities straight and stand against this evil.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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