Hey, Matthew Yglesias, Why Don’t You Quit And Let A Minority Have Your Job?

Hey, Matthew Yglesias, Why Don’t You Quit And Let A Minority Have Your Job?

Rather bizarrely, after noting that Obama is much more popular with minorities than white people, Matthew Yglesias wrote the following:

About 50 percent of Americans approve of Obama’s job performance, but he’s overwhelmingly liked among non-white Americans and quite widely disliked by white Americans. Our punditry, however, is done almost exclusively by white people and pretty overwhelmingly by a demographic of older white men that’s pretty much the most right-wing cohort you can construct.

For those of you who don’t know, this is Matthew Yglesias.

Matthew Yglesias

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What does Matthew Yglesias do? Why, he’s a professional liberal pundit.

In other words, what Matthew Yglesias is saying is that when he gets older, he will be part of the “right-wing cohort” and it would be better if people like him lose their jobs to minorities –: so that a man who has probably been given more breaks, tactful head turns, and wet sloppy kisses from the mainstream media than any other President in history, can get even better press coverage.

Hey, Matthew Yglesias, why don’t you give your blog to a talented minority blogger, request that a minority be hired to fill your cushy job at the Center for American Progress, and do your part for diversity?

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