Homocon: WorldNetDaily Vs. Ann Coulter

As you may have heard, Joseph Farah at WorldNetDaily has been bragging that he dumped Ann Coulter from a WorldNetDaily convention. This was supposedly over Ann Coulter speaking at Homocon — and of course, Right Wing News is also sponsoring the event.

Initially, I wasn’t going to comment on it at all because I knew it was an incredibly sleazy and hypocritical publicity stunt from one of the worst hucksters in the conservative movement. Keep in mind, this is the same guy whose website endlessly promoted the North American Union conspiracy theory. This is the sort of self-congratulatory conspiracy crap that Farah endlessly promoted throughout Bush’s 2nd term,

“When Jerome Corsi and I first began reporting on the quiet conspiracy to integrate the U.S. politically, socially and economically with Mexico and Canada, we were castigated, ridiculed, marginalized ands demeaned by elected officials, our colleagues in the press and some radio talk-show hosts.
We were making it all up, they said.

Congress has never considered any such action, they scolded.

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Show us the legislation, they demanded.

Not one responsible official in Washington sees any such threat, they claimed.

This is black-helicopter stuff, they scoffed.

…The North American Union “secret” is now out in the open. You’d have to be myopic not to see it. There is a clear trend toward regional government and global government all over the world. The foundational steps toward “integration” of the U.S., Mexico and Canada are already in place. We are following a plan nearly identical to the one used to establish the European Union.” — Joseph Farah

So, Farah, when do we switch over to the amero? When do we start shipping everyone to camps in Mexico down the world’s most eeeeevvviiilllll road, the NAFTA Superhighway? Are our new Canadian overlords going to force us to like hockey now?

Where’s the follow-up on that? There was none, right? WorldNetDaily spent YEARS telling people, day in and day out, that Bush was going to merge the United States with Mexico and Canada. Then Bush left office, the North American Union went down the memory hole, and suddenly WND became an “All birther, all the time” website.

Why, it’s almost as if Farah didn’t really believe anything he was telling people, but figured he could gin up traffic by pushing a conspiracy theory. Then, when that conspiracy theory passed its shelf life, he started pushing a NEW conspiracy theory to replace the traffic he got from the old one. Guess what, folks? When Obama leaves office or birtherism no longer draws, WorldNetDaily will just pick a new conspiracy theory to push. The sad thing is that Farah doesn’t believe this stuff. He just puts it out there to get traffic. Yet, because he does that, he helps spread these ridiculous conspiracy memes that he probably laughs at privately. What does that tell you about Joseph Farah’s character?

Now, that might SEEM like it is a little off topic, but there’s a reason I want to put it out there. First off, read what Ann Coulter had to say about Farah “dropping” her from his convention:

The email, which Coulter prefaced was written “in a rush” reads as follows:

1) farah is doing this for PUBLICITY and publicity alone;

2) this was an email exchange btwn friends and even though I didn’t expressly say “OFF THE RECORD” and I believe everything I said, he’s a swine for using my private emails politely answering him. why would he do such a despicable thing? … for PUBLICITY.

3) but now that he has, I will say that he could give less than two sh-ts about the conservative movement – as demonstrated by his promotion of the birther nonsense (long ago disproved by my newspaper, human events, also sweetness & light, american spectator and national review etc, etc etc). He’s the only allegedly serious conservative pushing the birther thing. for ONE reason: to get hits on his website.

4) his group hadn’t come up for the money to book me for a speech, anyway, so he’s not canceling me from anything.

also, FYI; my fellow evangelicals – and I know lots and lots of ‘em – — all think it’s great that I’m doing this. (of course, they know I’m not changing my mind on gay marriage even though I like gays.) this is total b.s. for PUBLICITY by a publicity whore. Attack ann coulter, get publicity. liberals figured that out a long time ago, so he’s a little late to the party.

There are these three things to take away from this…

#1) Farah published Coulter’s private emails to him without permission. This is someone he has an ongoing business relationship with. This is someone who considered him a friend. And he published part of what Ann said, without permission, in an attempt to gain traffic for his website by making her look bad. Now, I understand being splashy and trying to get publicity, but only a bottomfeeder would do that at the expense of a friend.

#2) The whole story was supposed to be that Farah dumped Coulter from his convention for speaking at Homocon. Yet, she wasn’t BOOKED for the convention in the first place. Let me repeat that: The whole story was supposed to be that Farah dumped Coulter from his convention for speaking at Homocon. Yet, she wasn’t BOOKED for the convention in the first place.

#3) Last but not least, it’s also worth noting that Farah DID NOT drop her column from WorldNetDaily. In fact, last night WND even sent out a release letting people know Coulter’s latest column is out,

Subject Line: Coulter asks: Look who’s ‘nativist’ now
Look who’s ‘nativist’ now!

Ann Coulter

“Nativism in American politics has become so rampant that it is
considered scandalous in Republican circles for a judge to
acknowledge paying any attention to foreign courts and their legal
rulings.” – New York Times editorial, Aug. 3, 2010

The New York Times runs this same smug editorial every few
months – at least I think it’s the same editorial – to vent its spleen at
conservatives who object to American judges relying on foreign law to interpret
the U.S. Constitution.

That’s right, folks. After making this big show of dumping Ann Coulter from a convention she wasn’t booked for in the first place because of Joseph Farah’s strong Christian beliefs, he keeps running her column. So, if he is genuinely that morally offended, as opposed to just trying to score cheap points at her expense, why does he keep running her work?

Long story short, this is a fundamentally dishonest publicity stunt that Farah pulled off at the expense of a friend. Let me ask you again: What does that tell you about Joseph Farah’s character?

PS: I do acknowledge that some people may have legitimate moral objections to Homocon and nothing said in this post is meant to reflect negatively on them in any way (I’m planning to write more about that on Monday). I just want to make the point that not only is Joseph Farah not one of those people, he was lying about booking Ann Coulter in the first place so he could PRETEND to be one of them.

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