How Much BS Do They Expect Us To Buy?

It seems that every Democrat politician in America operates under the assumption that our nation is populated entirely by idiots who will believe anything we are told.:  The only difference is, some Americans require the story to be repeated a few more times than others…but as a whole, Americans will buy into anything, true or false, as long as it is told to us enough times.


When the news came out about the Fast and Furious scandal, we were told, over and over again, that it was solely the work of a few ATF agents working out of the Phoenix ATF office.:  As the congressional investigation drew nearer and nearer to the truth, at some point, repeating the lie just didn’t seem to be working anymore, so the President of the United States claimed executive privilege, effectively cutting off all remaining avenues of investigation into the matter.:  To this day, the White House still has not answered for its role in the death of Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry, and absolutely nothing has been done to bring Attorney General Eric Holder to account for Contempt of Congress charges, which still hang over his head.


The Obama administration has put out so many different stories about the 9/11 Benghazi attack that it’s becoming difficult to keep track of which lie they’re promoting at any given time…but the bottom line is that ever since the attack happened, President Obama’s every effort has gone into covering it up.:  There is even some fairly compelling circumstantial evidence that President Obama was on the phone with then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton crafting the initial lie even before the attack was over!:  Susan Rice, who was put forward as the face of the administration’s initial cover-up campaign, has been rewarded for the criticism she has had to deal with – she has now been promoted to National Security Adviser.:  To this day, nearly a full nine months after the attacks, America still does not know the full story – while much of the Congressional investigation has been focused on Susan Rice and the edited talking points, we still do not know where President Obama was during the 7-hour attack, or the real reason why military assistance was not sent in to save our ambassador (the administration’s lies that military assistance was not available or was too far away to be effective have been thoroughly debunked).


The ongoing IRS scandal seems to be more of an inconvenience to Democrats in Washington, all of whom seem to express some sort of outrage, but at a deeper level just don’t seem to care – because, after all, it only happened to a bunch of “Tea Baggers.”:  Because according to Democrats, freedom doesn’t have to work, necessarily, as long as it works for them.:  Give them the free stuff that they demand, and who cares what happens to anyone else?:  Of course, if these actions were taken by a Republican administration, impeachment proceedings would have begun long ago – and it’s likely that the only reason Republicans haven’t started impeachment proceedings by now, despite the numerous scandals the Executive Branch is still trying to blame on someone else.


In fact, the entire Democratic machine seems to be wholly and entirely focused on ensuring that their Golden Boy Barack Obama manages to get out of these scandals unscathed.:  It seems as though this man could do anything, and they wouldn’t care, as long as it didn’t make them look too bad.:  It isn’t about legality or justice; it’s all about reputation.


The biggest lie they continue to tell us is that President Obama is not responsible for the egregious actions of his administration.:  He wants to play the Commander in Chief, yet his utmost desire is to avoid responsibility for any and all negative occurrences during his administration.:  To that end, he and his political allies will continue to blow smoke up the [email protected]@es of the American people for as long as he is president, and then for as long as it takes for him to secure a Clinton-esque legacy.

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