Huckabee – Prosecute Crimes Against Same-Sex Marriage Opponents As Hate Crimes

Huckabee – Prosecute Crimes Against Same-Sex Marriage Opponents As Hate Crimes

There’s a lot here I agree with Mike Huckabee on, but it may go too far constitutionally. If we just followed the Constitution, hate crimes in regards to religion would become unnecessary. Once you start wielding hate crime legislation as a weapon, it cuts both ways. The gays could claim that NOT baking them a cake was a hate crime, which it is not and those legislating that it is are biased. It could be considered a hate crime if you won’t accommodate all religions, even those such as Satanism. I’m just pointing out how it could be twisted and that it is just not needed – enforce the Constitution and stop with all the rules, laws and regulations. They are strangling us. Having said that, Huckabee is right that this is a civil rights issue and Christians are being roundly persecuted left and right in America now thanks to the ruling by the Supreme Court and Obama’s thuggish Attorney Generals.

Mike Huckabee

From Buzz Feed:

“Those who would attempt to extort from them or anyone who committed a crime against a person because they didn’t accept homosexual marriage could be prosecuted for a hate crime.”

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Mike Huckabee said on Wednesday that, if he were the sitting president, he would direct the attorney general to prosecute “those who would attempt to extort” or “who committed a crime against a person because they didn’t accept homosexual marriage” for hate crimes.

The comment echoes a three-point plan the Republican presidential candidate issued on Tuesday, reported by the Des Moines Register, outlining how he would respond to Supreme Court’s decision that same-sex couples can marry in all 50 states.

The released outlined how Huckabee, if elected president, would direct the U.S. attorney general to prosecute as hate crimes groups or individuals who discriminated or attacked individuals, businesses, religious organizations, and others for their religious beliefs about marriage.

Speaking to radio host Steve Deace, Huckabee pushed these points, reiterating promises to issue an executive order proclaiming his goal to “fully protect religious liberty at all levels” and to “instruct the defense secretary to immediately allow chaplains and to let chaplains know that they would be allowed to practice their faith as it is, not as it is desired by people who support same-sex marriage.”

His vow to prosecute crimes against opponents of same-sex marriage as hate crimes came sandwiched between these other aspects of his platform.

“The second thing I would do is I would issue a directive to the attorney general and I would, uh, insist that everyone’s religious liberty be vigorously defended,” he said. “That there be no, uh, allowance for people to have their businesses shut down and that those who would attempt to extort from them or anyone who committed a crime against a person because they didn’t accept homosexual marriage could be prosecuted for a hate crime.”

In the interview, Huckabee also argued that Justice Anthony Kennedy, who wrote the majority opinion for last Friday’s decision, “went to Zen school and had a New Age experience and he used words like ‘intimacy’ and spirituality’ as a sort of ex cathedra constitutional basis to say that same-sex marriage is just fine because some people feel really strong about it.”

He further asserted that Justices Elena Kagan and Ruth Bader Ginsburg “clearly should have recused themselves” because they “both had officiated at same-sex marriage ceremonies.”

The comments are the latest in the torrent of criticism Huckabee has unleashed at the ruling, beginning with his initial statement that the decision constituted “judicial tyranny,” up to his remark on Tuesday that classifying same-sex marriage as a “civil right” is “an insult to African-Americans.”

Mike Huckabee is correct that the foundation of all our liberties is religious liberty. The Supreme Court has no business legislating from the bench. His three-point platform is this:

  • Every person, business owner, hospital, adoption agency, church, synagogue, mosque, etc. will have its religious liberty protected.
  • The attorney general will be instructed to protect religious liberty on behalf of every American and every institution.
  • The defense secretary will be instructed to make sure that every soldier, sailor, marine, airman, coast guardsman and every chapel in the military is free to express his or her religious viewpoint, display the bible and pray.

On the face of it, this is a good platform. My only concern is using Attorney Generals to enforce religious freedom. That doesn’t strike me as constitutional by any means. It strikes me as Progressive. The First Amendment specifies freedom of speech and freedom of religion. It should be simple and common sense to allow Americans to utilize those rights without throwing those who challenge them into a legal mire or prison or both. Christians should not be tempted to commit the same grievances against others that have been committed against them. The Constitution has provided for this, we just need a president who recognizes real constitutional law and has the spine to enforce it.

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