Idiot sprays N-word on church and the pastor offers the most awesome response ever

Idiot sprays N-word on church and the pastor offers the most awesome response ever

I find all racism abhorrent. Honestly, growing up, the color of a person’s skin never even occurred to me as a real issue. I was far more concerned with how they conducted themselves and how they treated me. This pastor is exactly right – we have to come together as Christians and Americans and stop this rift that is being forced on us by our so-called leaders, radicals and a minority of racists out there. Whoever scrawled that word on the church, threw trash around and stole their grill, needs to be tracked down and dealt with by the police. Godliness is colorblind and we are tasked with taking care of our brethren regardless of what they look like – they are all equal in the eyes of God. Only sin sets people apart. Something of which this hateful idiot is well versed in and will ultimately pay for.

Image Credit: Dan Calabrese

Image Credit: Dan Calabrese

From Cain TV:

And yeah, we used the word, because we’re going to deal with instead of running from it.

I got a phone call yesterday morning from my pastor, wanting my help with a matter that had come up. That in itself is not unusual, but the nature of the matter was. In recent weeks we’d had a series of break-in attempts at the church, and while they hadn’t succeeded in getting inside the building, they had stolen the very large grill we keep outside for church barbecues and other special events. Well that can be replaced, although not cheaply.

But whoever it is that’s been doing this – presumably the same people who have been throwing empty three-ounce liquor bottles around the grounds – decided to also leave us a little message on the back door adjacent to our loading dock. Keep in mind, I live in Michigan. Not in the deep south. The photo above is one I took myself at my pastor’s request.

Now I guess I should deal with the obvious thing on your mind: Um, Dan, you’re not black. And congratulations for noticing! Yes, the balding doofus in this news report from WZZM-TV is me, a person of pallor. But most of our congregation is black, including our pastor, the inimitable Jathan K. Austin.


With all that said, I want to share with you what Pastor J posted on Facebook yesterday after the incident. If there is going to be racial reconciliation in this country, I’d say it should start with God’s church, and I hope you’ll agree that the message he offers here is exactly the one everyone in America needs to hear if we’re going to get past the racial strife that is all too common in our country right now – regardless of who you think is to blame for it.

Here’s what he said:

I want to discuss two words, ?#‎Honor? & ?#‎Respect?. Some would argue that these two words no longer hold any relevance in our society. Others would argue that the demoralizing nature of our world is falling apart because these two words are no longer taught in our churches, schools, or our homes across America.

The word ‘nigger’ was spray painted on the back door of our new facility sometime Monday night. We have been in Grandville, Michigan for 2 years now and with great support from Mayor Steve Maas, who often attends our bible studies. The City Manager & the Police Commissioner have also shown their support to our ministry over these 2 years.

I was reluctant to do this post in lieu of more important matters that plague our city & country at this very moment but after prayerful consideration I chose to make this post.

#Honor is given. #Respect is earned. If we would respect each other then we could learn to have differences & disagreements without disrespectful behavior. If we learned how to give honor to whom honor is due then our elderly would not despise our youth & our youth would not feel dismissed by our elderly.

We are not asking WHY us….we understand why us because we are committed as a ministry to racial reconciliation, teaching on honor & respect. When we moved to our new location many black people asked why we were moving to a white suburban community. We also had white people ask why we were coming into their neighborhood. Both were valid questions asked out of maybe fear, anger & 400 years of unresolved issues. This act of ignorance will validate the doubters & empower the critics to say I told you, so but for us this confirms that there can be no victory without conflict!

We are more committed than ever to pursue healing for our land & serve our community! It will take more than some paint & a word to scare us away….

?#‎CommittedToLove? ?#‎CommittedToPray? ?#‎CommittedToServeMyCity?

I’m proud of people such as those who attend this church and this pastor. He won’t let a little spray paint and name calling stop him from doing his job and helping others. Evil is growing in America – it is all around us and is palpable. Now is the time to double and triple down and stand together for what is really just and right. It’s time to put away the selfishness and fear… instead we need to courageously stand for what we believe in and peacefully proclaim we will not comply and we will not bow to bullies of any persuasion or political bent. Stand with your churches and your pastors – regardless of the consequences; stay strong in your faith. We answer to a higher power and words and paint are the least of our worries right now.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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