Jihad Supporting Amnesty International Whines About Hurricane Katrina “Human Rights Violations”

You remember Amnesty International and their support of Islamic Jihad, right? Here’s the latest from these big government Nanny State socialists

The U.S. government and Gulf Coast states have consistently violated the human rights of hurricane victims since Hurricane Katrina killed about 1,800 people and caused widespread devastation after striking in August 2005, Amnesty International said Friday.

The report, “Un-Natural Disaster,” said the treatment of hurricane victims and government actions in housing, health care and policing have prevented poor minority communities from rebuilding and returning to their homes on the Gulf Coast.

In sum, government actions have amounted to human rights violations and “as a result, the demographics of the region are being permanently altered,” the report said.

How so?

Amnesty took particular aim at New Orleans, where public housing was bulldozed, hospitals have been slow to reopen and the criminal justice system has been plagued by police brutality, lengthy pretrial detentions and an underfunded indigent defense system.

“You have the demolition of most of the public housing units in New Orleans without a one-for-one replacement as well as a lack of rebuilding affordable rental housing,” said Justin Mazzola, an Amnesty researcher. “Orleans Parish Prison is now the largest mental health psych facility in the city of New Orleans.”

Let’s see: these dead beat welfare kings and queens, living off the public teet, were provided with free housing after the storm (one in which these government money leeches were too incompetent to get themselves out of the city), and are still pretty much receiving everything for free. Remember this unhinged leftist tool, excuse me, little darling, who whined about the conditions of the alternative housing she lived in?

Police brutality is mostly a thing of the past, as “chocolate city” Mayor Ray Nagin had to pretty much revamp his scumbag police force from the top down. Of course, remember how the crime rate skyrocketed in Houston after a large number of the New Orleans deadbeats were sent there?

Apparently, if The Government doesn’t Do Something to help deadbeats, it’s a human rights violation. God forbid these people go out and get a job and pay for themselves like the rest of us. Oh, sorry, forgot, no one is really hiring due to the policies of Obama and the other Democrats these parasites voted for.

Amnesty urged Congress to amend the nation’s main disaster response legislation, the Stafford Act, to guarantee the humane and fair treatment of all disaster victims, as stipulated by the United Nation’s Guiding Principles on Internal Displacement. The U.S. has endorsed the principles.

It says governments have the duty to help victims recover their property and possessions they left behind or which were taken from them. Also, governments should make sure victims are compensated for property or possessions they have lost, the principles say.

Really? Why? Leftist tools always leave out the “why” during their diatribes about the need for Big Nanny Government.

The agreement also says uprooted people should be allowed full participation in the planning and management of their return or resettlement.

Laugh riot! People who couldn’t even get themselves out of New Orleans ahead of a major hurricane without government help are supposed to be involved in “planning and management”?

To end this long post, let’s go with some possible monumentally unhinged climate hysteria

“A good part of the beginning of the human rights violations took place on TV screens,” said Monique Harden, co-director of the New Orleans-based Advocates for Environmental Human Rights.

Is she actually advocating that Hurricane Katrina was a human rights violation? Because that is what we saw on our TV screens to start with. I certainly hope not.

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