Obama Admin to Redskins: No New Stadium…Without Changing Your Name

The whole point of naming a sports team after any iconic figure is to project strength, indomitability, honor and a tradition of winning. Therefore, whoever you select as your icon or mascot needs to be possessed of all those attributes and by selecting them to represent your best, you honor them. You would never name a team, for example, the Michigan Ticks, or the Texas Slugs, or the Washington DC Turkey Vultures (regardless of how appropriate). The people that the white settlers called the “Red Man,” was feared and respected for all of the attributes listed above. Who do Obama and his toadies think they are telling a privately held entity what they can or can’t name their team? If I were the Redskins, I’d find another city and stadium to host my team.

Image Credit: Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

Image Credit: Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

From IJReview:

The Washington Redskins played at Robert F. Kennedy Memorial Stadium, a few thousand yards from the capitol, for 35 years.

Since 1996, they’ve played at FedEx Field in Prince George’s County, Maryland, about 10 miles due east.

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Now D.C. city leaders want to rebuild RFK stadium in order to bring the football team back to the city. Team owner Dan Snyder has also indicated a desire to move, as well.

But there’s a problem: the National Park Service owns the land and will not approve new construction for the team unless they change their name.

According to The Hill, the Secretary of the Interior Sally Jewell, who’s not only responsible for all National Park Service activities but also all interactions with American Indian tribes, has been publicly critical of the football team’s name, previously saying:

“Personally, I think we would never consider naming a team the ‘Blackskins’ or the ‘Brownskins’ or the ‘Whiteskins.’ So, personally, I find it surprising that in this day and age, the name is not different.”

President Barack Obama has also said he would like the name changed.

In April, Jewell told the mayor of Washington, D.C., that they would not support a new stadium without a name change. A month later, the mayor received an official letter from the National Park Service saying the same thing.

A side note about some controversial history over the team and Robert Kennedy was pointed out by NBC Sport’s ProFootballTalk website.

In 1961 Robert Kennedy, who was the Attorney General at the time, told then-owner George Marshall that if he didn’t sign a black player to the team, that the federal government would revoke the lease on the stadium. The Redskins signed a black player, being the last in the NFL to do so, and they were allowed to remain.

The jury is still out on whether the Redskins will be allowed to make the move with their current name.

The team’s name isn’t in any way a matter of disrespect. Obama and Jewell want to characterize the proud people of the “Red Man” as victims and it simply won’t do to have them raised proudly on a banner of respect. Indian Americans have a rich history of courage and unconquerabiity. The Marxists are using this as an excuse to cause conflict and upset and grab even more power. The fact that the land is owned by the National Park Service allows the liberal fascist move of dictating what the team is called if they use that stadium. That is extortion. For Pete’s sake! Young Indian warriors were called braves. Obama’s main point in this is to remind the world that the Native Americans were beaten – that they didn’t win. They are victims and he has to rescue them… and no one is to be reminded of their bravery. I say keep the name, ditch DC.

Image Credit: Adam Bettcher/Getty Images

Image Credit: Adam Bettcher/Getty Images

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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