Racists Vandalize Christopher Columbus Statue in Boston with “Black Lives Matter”

Racists Vandalize Christopher Columbus Statue in Boston with “Black Lives Matter”

This is abhorrent – things are spiraling out of control. The hate is bubbling up all over the nation now thanks to the actions of Barack Obama, the Supreme Court and the Marxists. The culture war is now in full swing, encompassing the #BlackLivesMatter thugs and the militant gays. You are seeing the New Black Panthers and the Nation of Islam in the mix as well, with communists behind it all. They must destroy our religious freedoms, our free speech, our families, our morality… in order to push their agenda over the finish line. This is Obama’s change come to fruition.

Christopher Columbus Statue

From Gateway Pundit:

COLUMBUS TARGETED by Black Lives Matter protesters–

Angry race activists vandalized a Christopher Columbus statue in Boston’s north end on Monday with the phrase “Black Lives Matter.”

CBS Local reported:

A Christopher Columbus statue in Boston’s North End was vandalized Monday with red paint and the phrase “Black Lives Matter.”

Red paint was poured over the top of the statue on Monday night, while Black Lives Matter was sprayed on the back using black paint.

NorthEndWaterfront.com reported that the paint was power washed off the white marble statue on Tuesday morning.

The Boston Parks and Recreation Department asked visitors to the park to respect city property.

Make no mistake, this is a coordinated assault on American history and culture.

This will be the first of many monuments defaced and churches burned. You will also see more and more radical Islamists, including the Islamic State, coming into the fray and they will be pushing violence and terrorism. There’s no one to stop them except the Christians who must now peacefully stand. Asking criminals and thugs to respect your history and culture doesn’t work. The only thing they understand is force backed by the law. Since the law is absent these days, that leaves force which will eventually come. People must first peacefully resist. Civil resistance will get the ball rolling and prevent the top from being slammed down on all of us at least for a time. Make no mistake, this is cultural Marxism and is a war whether we want it or not now.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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