Sheriff Clarke Speaks Candidly: Eric Holder Is ‘Most Race-Obsessed Attorney General’ Ever [Video]

I really admire Sheriff Clarke. He doesn’t hold back and tells it like it is. He’s right… Eric Holder is the most race-obsessed AG ever in the history of the United States. He is deeply corrupt and very, very racist. He could not nail the Ferguson Police Department any other way, so he’s going after them by indicting them for skewed racial practices. They should fight that tooth and nail. Traffic stops are a lame excuse for labeling them as racist. Police stop people all the time and they don’t care what color they are – they care if they broke the law. I personally think the fines are too high and a way to make money… but that in no way has anything to do with race. Another specious argument by a racist Marxist. Good riddance, I am sooo glad he is going. I just fear his replacement.

From Western Journalism:

Milwaukee country Sheriff David Clarke joined Megyn Kelly on her show to once again discuss Attorney General Eric Holder’s motives before his imminent retirement.

Kelly asked what Clarke thought about the AG amidst his critical review and last act of investigating the Ferguson Police Department on its handling of the shooting of Michael Brown.

“Eric Holder is the most race-obsessed attorney general in the history of the United States,” Clarke said. “Lady Justice is supposed to be blind. It’s supposed to be color blind as well.”

“Eric Holder makes decisions that are color coded,” he continued. “Everything he does is put through the racial lens. He’s had Ferguson, Missouri and its police department in his crosshairs ever since he went down there with that tragic situation with Mike Brown and Officer Darren Wilson.”

He added that if he were a part of Ferguson city officials, he would fight the indictment charges. Clarke claims Holder wants to add Ferguson, Missouri, to his mantle piece – which is riddled with indictments for other law enforcement agencies for supposed “racial practices.”

In my lifetime, I have never seen our government be this prejudiced – ever. If you are black, you can do no wrong. If you are white, you are guilty no matter what the finding. It’s criminal. The same thing is happening with religion in this country. It’s as if the Obama Administration goes after every weakness to exploit it and cause rifts among Americans. Oh wait… that’s Cloward and Piven. It’s Progressive Marxism and it is meant to destroy the very fabric of the Republic and have us at each other’s throats. It hasn’t been working, not that you would know that because the media is hyping it for all its worth. There are a few racists out there causing discord, but the media makes it seem as if the whole nation is a boiling cauldron of racial animosity. We need to remove leaders such Barack Obama and Eric Holder and start over with a clean slate of true patriots. One that is color blind.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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