White Professor: All Whites Should Commit Mass Suicide For Being Complicit In Slavery

White Professor: All Whites Should Commit Mass Suicide For Being Complicit In Slavery

Lead the way, Professor McDuff. So, being a nihilistic moron isn’t just a summer ‘thing’ with this guy. Why would any reputable college hire someone condoning mass suicide? Newsflash to a brain dead social justice warrior… we are not responsible for what others did in the past. If that were the case, everyone on the planet would be dead for one offense or another. What a self-loathing, liberal, nut job. Now this unhinged fascist claims his Tweets were sarcasm and we are just too dense to ‘get it.’ Sorry professor… we ‘get it’ all too well.

Adam Kotsko

From Weasel Zippers:

You first, Professor.

Adam Kotsko teaches at Shimer College

White Suicide

White Suicide1

Screenshots via Social Memo

Figures he comes from that communist stronghold, Chicago. Where the Progressives play and the Marxists run free. It gets even better, Kotsko deleted the Tweet trying to once again hide his real face. Funny thing is a site called Social Memo was paying attention and caught it for posterity. He’s been doing this for a while as well, railing against white privilege and waxing poetic on whites and slavery.

“People of ‘white’ races may have been enslaved in the past, but the fact that they are now recognized as ‘white’ means that the disadvantage that might have accrued from that history is no longer very relevant,” he goes on to pontificate. “Every white person benefits to some degree from the differential treatment of blacks. Sometimes, as in cases of extreme poverty or social marginalization, that benefit is negligible. In most cases, however, it is significant, constituting advantages in wealth, education, social status, and vulnerability to police violence.”

And if that isn’t outrageous enough, there’s more… He brazenly went on Twitter to tell the world that the horrifying Charlie Hebdo terrorist attack in France was foreseeable because Charlie Hebdo is “a newspaper devoted to hate speech.” And for saying, “It’s no more surprising that someone would attack a newspaper devoted to hate speech than that someone would beat up Westboro protestors,” Kotsko has been dubbed America’s stupidest professor. This pseudo-intellectual is just full of hate and white guilt. Shimer College should really review their hiring and continuing employment policies.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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