A Warming World Could Totally Mean Crocodiles Everywhere Or Something

In a sane world, this type of article would be a pure “jumping the shark” moment. Alas, the number of bat guano crazy articles emanating from the Cult of Climastrology weekly are quite large, and never stop. Here’s today’s from TakePart’s Padma Nagappan

A Warming World Could Be a Crocodile-Infested One

A warming planet is a negative consequence for a lot of creatures. The projected rise in temperatures means a more acidic ocean that hurts marine life, and drier, hotter weather patterns don’t bode well for creatures relying onsnow and ice to survive.

But there is one species that stands to gain fromclimate change: crocodiles.

The heat-loving reptiles could thrive as the Earth gets hotter, growing not just in numbers but also in species variety, say British and U.S researchers in a new study.

Are we ready for crocs cruising the Thames in London and lying on the banks of the Potomac in D.C.? Wait, I almost forgot to add “or something”.

And as pollution drives up the Earth’s temperature, could crocodiles multiply in number and invade the northern hemisphere?

CO2 is not a pollutant. Oh, and crocodiles already live in the northern hemisphere. United States, Mexico, parts of Central America, Cuba, Egypt and Northern Africa, India, Southeast Asia, and northern South America. All north of the equator. Damned Facts!

“It won’t be an army of crocodiles popping up overnight, but we might see crocodiles in places we haven’t seen them before,” Tennant said. “It’s not like the movies where crocodiles take over the Earth, but we now have 23 species. In the future, we could see many different forms, or we might only see one or two new species.”

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OK, so, Jon Tennant, the study coauthor, just shot down the whole premise of the headline and early article. Bummer.

The more pressing issue for crocodiles, he said, is loss of habitat due to human encroachment.

“One takeaway from our study is to look at how humans impact the planet, because we’re messing up the environment in an unnatural way,” Tennant said.

Much of the study is about the habitat loss and environmental degradation from mankind, which doesn’t include “climate change”. An actual important issue, which, sadly, is rolled into the idiocy of ‘climate change’.

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