Agreeable Warm Weather Is A Clear Sign Of ‘Climate Change’ Or Something

So far, it seems as if climate change, whether it is mostly/solely natural, mostly/solely man induced, or somewhere in between, has people happy with the weather. They find it agreeable and preferable. this has made the Cult of Climastrology very unhappy, though

Unseasonably warm weather a clear sign of climate change, say scientists
El Niño driving current spike in warm weather and May almost certain to be warmer than average from 1961 to 1990

Huh. It seems that the subhead contradicts the headline, since El Nino is very much a natural process that has been going on well before the current warm period.

Unseasonably warm weather across Australia, which is set to continue through the coming month, might be putting a spring in people’s step but is a clear sign of dangerous climate change, according climate scientists and meteorologists.

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Australia and the rest of the world have been reeling from a string of temperature records being smashed. February caused alarm when it was the most unusually warm month on record by a huge margin. But that record was broken immediately by March.

In other words, we’re doomed from agreeable weather. Yes, Warmists are serious. Such is the doom and gloom bubble they live in.

“The previous record had about a one in 43-year chance due to natural climate variations alone but now occurs about one year in six in the present climate, that is already affected by human-caused climate change,” he told Guardian Australia.

“It’s evidence that climate change is already happening – and increasing the risks of hot extremes.”

It’s interesting that when it is cold records being smashed, and we see things like spring snow, years without a spring, snow in Egypt, etc, it is dismissed as being just weather. Or blamed on ‘climate change’ and someone driving a fossil fueled vehicle.

The current spike in warm weather is happening partly because of the monster El Niño that spread a pulse of warm water across the Pacific Ocean in 2015. That El Niño is dissipating, spreading the warmer water around Australia, raising temperatures.

No, it’s pretty much happening solely because of El Nino, and the fact that warm periods happen.

But all that was happening on top of the background of global warming, Trewin said. He said that these days, in an El Niño year, the world tended to experience extreme temperatures and merely “above average” temperatures in other years. Only when a La Niña cooled the globe were there normal or slightly cool temperatures.

What is “normal”? Was it normal to see a dip in temperatures from the 1940’s through the 1970’s, despite a huge rise in the use of fossil fuels, energy, and manufacturing? No worries, Warmists will always have some sort of excuse and will always apply some blame. Because that’s what pseudo-religious cults do.

Of course, most cults don’t demand that the government institute massive tax schemes and restrict the liberty of private citizens.

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