AGW Scaremongering Today: Climate Refugees

If only some of these chicken littles would look at a thermometer. And the news media is not helping, since they tend to ignore stories about it being below average cold. When they do deign to discuss those stories, they somehow manage to blame Man’s release of greenhouse gasses for the cold weather. Yeah, I’m flabbergasted at the spin, too. Anyway: Climate Refugees Will Flood the 49th State in Next 500 Years as U.S. Government Moves North

If the predictions of British scientist James Lovelock are any guide to the future, climate change and global warming are unstoppable now, and the next 500 years will bring major changes to life on Earth as we know it now.

Billions of people from central and temperate regions will move north, Lovelock says, finding refuge in climate refuges known as polar cities in Alaska and Canada.

If it is unstoppable, than why bother with all the idiotic measures the climate alarmists are pushing? Anyhow, I thought these folks believed in Darwinism? Natural selection. Survival of the fittest. Guess not. The story gets cute

Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin does not believe in Lovelock’s predictions, preferring to base her life and thinking on the baseless predictions of the Bible and the debunked ideas of Intelligent Design. While she believes that global warming is real, she also believes it is caused not by men and their machines but by the natural cycles of the Sun and Moon.

No one has proven the Bible wrong. Lots and lots of people have proven that the climahysterics are wrong. And the article is unable to provide proof that natural cycles did not cause the warming trend (and are causing the current cooling trend.)

But with her head in the sand, Palin — widely tipped to be the Republican candidate for the 2012 presidential elections in the USA — cannot fathom the ideas of Dr Lovelock. Nor can she fathom the ideas of a former Alaskan resident named Danny Bloom who bills himself as “a modern-day climate Jeremiah” on blogs and websites worldwide. Bloom, taking his cue from interviews with Lovelock, is predicting that millions, perhaps billions, of climate refugees will flood Alaska in the coming centuries, beginning around 2121 A.D. and continuing until well in what he calls “The Great Interruption” (a 10,000-year period in which all of mankind will migrate north to polar cities in the Arctic regions in order to serve as breeding pairs for the survival of the human species).

Wow, the lefty media just can’t get enough of Sarahcuda, can they? Meanwhile, Bloom has peered into his crystal ball, and sees the federal government relocating to Alaska as the lower 48 become unlivable. Sure thing, Sparky. But, can you actually, you know, prove it? Because all your computer models and sooth saying failed to show the cooling trend occurring. You can try and hide the decline, but, not working.

Elsewhere, the Telegraph gives us an alarming story about the 10 most endangered species, mostly because of, yup, “climate change.” I wonder what Mr. Darwin would think? Well, if he decided to check on the polar bears, he would get eaten, because their numbers are continuing to explode.

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