AGW Today: Dumping Iron At Sea To Reduce A Fake Issue. What Could Go Wrong?

The latest crazy attempt to reduce CO2

Thousands of tonnes of iron will be dumped at sea in an attempt to cut global warming by sucking carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, it has been reported.

The iron will lay vast amounts of phytoplankton, which absorbs CO2 as the grow, The Times reported.

When the phytoplankton die it sinks to the bottom of the ocean, storing away the carbon for more than 50 years, the paper added.

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The National Oceanography Centre at the University of Southampton is planning a five-year trial which will cost :£70m.

Of course, the cost will be put on businesses through carbon taxes. Double of course, there could be a wee bit of a problem with this plan

Scientists, however, have admitted that fertilising the ocean with hundreds of tonnes of iron could have a negative impact on marine life because the dying phytoplankton would cause a reduction in oxygen.

Plankton are actually the largest source of CO2 to O2 conversion for the Earth. By all means, let’s engage in a project which could kill them off.

Meanwhile, the EU will ban heated homes starting in 2020.

I’m also wondering how Cynthia Tucker of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution actually earned a Pulitzer Prize, considering the extreme wackiness of this article, which is a perfect example of what a climate alarmist “thinks,” which is, to say, they do not think at all. No inquisitiveness, no thought about whether the reports make sense in the real world, they just take what is given and parrot it back. (I might write a post about it later, but, I thought I would mention it now)

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