AGW Today: Polar Bears And Plastic Bags

I always get a kick out of these “let’s spend time with the cute and fuzzy bunnies*, er, polar bears” stories, because you know that one day they are going to end in tears, and the climaidiots will wonder why

In her spare hours, you’ll likely find Kathryn Ravey on stage, rehearsing for Eden Prairie High School theater productions, but this week, she faces a very different type of audience. Ravey, along with 17 other teenagers from the U.S., Canada and Australia, is currently in Churchill, Manitoba, surrounded by polar bears and lots and lots of ice.

Yo, folks, the polar bear is the Great White Shark of bears (well, really, more like the Bull Shark, which is the most dangerous, but, the Great White is a better visual, and bigger and badder): it is dangerous to anything that moves.

The week-long adventure is all part of a Teen Leadership Camp, sponsored by Polar Bears International. At the camp, the students spend the majority of the week living in “Tundra Buggy Lodge,” a caravan of 10-foot tall cars, much like a train that offers living quarters and work space that overlook the Polar Bears’ habitat. Ravey will be stationed in a section of Canada during a time of year where the polar bears congregate in anticipation of the ice freezing in Hudson Bay. In many ways it’s an experience that will be impossible to replicate in the years to come. Part of what Ravey is studying is the effects of global warming on the polar bear population.

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Um, how much CO2 will said 10 foot tall cars put out? Nowhere on the website is a description of these vehicles being “green.” Furthermore, impossible to replicate? Just more alarmism and an ignorance of the facts. Neither the ice nor the polar bears are going anywhere.

Getting into the camp is no small feat. Ravey had to put together an essay, video and go through an interview process. The majority of the costs for each camper are covered by donations to Polar Bears International. Each participant must return with an action plan to educate the public on the effects of global warming. Ravey plans to focus on cutting down the use of plastic bags.

Her main advice to others is to reuse, recycle and “just to really be aware.”

Yeah, plastic bags, that’ll do it! Same with just to really be aware. Of course, what is meant is that everyone else should change their behavior. Interestingly, when one goes camping, even in some sort of vehicle, what do you do with your food? That’s right, you put it in containers that keep the smell in, like tupperware and……plastic bags!

You just have to wonder what all these polar bear sight seeing trips will do to the bears. Will they become so used to seeing humans that they truly start seeing us as a new food source?

Meanwhile, to highlight how divorced from reality the alarmists are

MAN-MADE climate change was a major cause of devastating floods in Pakistan this year, shifting monsoon rains away from flood defences and into areas of the country incapable of dealing with the deluge, according to Pakistani scientists. (snip through some of the blah blah blah climate hysteria for the money quotes)

Industrial activity in Eastern Pakistan had increased surface temperatures, preventing water in the atmosphere falling as rain.

“Warming in eastern parts has moved the moisture west,” he said.

This is what is called the urban heat island effect. In other words, local heating is changing the local weather. We see this all around urban areas. It is not a global pattern, but a local one, much like the defoliation around Mount Kilimanjaro causes warm moist air to flow up the extinct volcano sides and cause melting. Not global. Local.

*Cute and fuzzy bunnies is a reference to the movie One Crazy Summer, and the bunnies were big meanies.

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