AGW Today: Rent Clothes To Save The World!

If belief in man caused global warming is a religion, it is a really silly one. I suspect that if Monty Python were still doing skits, they would have a tough time attempting to make a joke out of the global warming more than the Disciples Of Gore already do

Large wardrobes of seldom-used clothes are no longer environmentally acceptable and people should instead rent outfits and accessories, according to the Government’s waste watchdog.

The Waste & Resources Action Programme (Wrap) claims that overcoming our obsession with owning goods could be a “secret weapon” in meeting climate change targets. It has called for a fifth of all household spending, :£148 billion out of an annual total of :£732 billion, to be converted to renting by 2020.

In a report published today the watchdog calls for the transformation of a large part of the retail sector into a service industry specialising in renting goods, with each item used by many different people during its lifetime.

WRAP is non-profit backed by government funding (much like ACORN.) And what they are calling for is what the AGW movement is all about: control. Control of economies, control of private citizens, and control of countries, all in the name of a fake issue. Soon, we will all look like bag ladies, or those unhinged liberals we see demonstrating in San Francisco

Shifting a fifth of household spending from purchasing to renting would cut emissions by about 2 per cent, or 13 million tonnes of CO2 a year, through a fall in manufacturing and lower consumption of raw materials.

And people who are out of work do not drive to work, saving more CO2!

Guess who gets hurt? The poor, that’s right! The people who are quite often the recipients of used clothing. Well, they will just have to suck it up, buttercup, to save Gaia from those evil clothing buyers.

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