AGW Today: Students Say “How ‘Bout Some Balance?”

A student in New York has had enough of the one sided climate alarmism

A Rhinebeck High School sophomore is urging the school district to require alternative views be presented by teachers on controversial topics like climate change.

Michelle Dewkett said the global warming documentary “An Inconvenient Truth” was being shown in science and English classes without equal weight being given to other positions on the topic.

“As of now, the teaching of controversial topics is out of control,” Dewkett told members of the Board of Education on Tuesday. She also said the district is not following its own policy of providing students with a wide range of materials.

Dewkett cited a class on global warming as an example, saying the effects of human activity on the environment are not being balanced with information about the natural course of changes on Earth.

Can any of you alarmists explain why the movie was being shown in an English class? What does it have to do with this type of class? Unless they were discussing grammatical errors and how to use language to be overwrought and hysterical. Or perhaps the massive number of un-truths in the movie. I could see the movie being shown in Sociology class, where they can discuss indoctrination and how to brain wash kids.

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