AGW Today: TV Meteorologists Are Apparently “Conspiracy Theorists”

I told you the other day about a new liberal fatwa against meteorologists because they aren’t following the doctrines of the Cult Of Gore. To recap

(WCTV) A new campaign, Forecast the Facts (, launches Sunday to pressure TV meteorologists to inform their viewers about climate change. The launch coincides with the kick-off of the American Meteorological Society’s (AMS) annual meeting in New Orleans, LA.

Since then, this new fatwa has been cropping up all over the left-o-sphere. And here’s a fun unhinged one

The requirements to be a TV weather presenter are fairly slack: an undergraduate degree with some training in meteorology is preferred, but not required, and the main skills seem to be looking presentable with nice hair, being able to dance with a green screen, and being glib and cheerful. So I guess it’s not surprising that the “scientists” leading the charge against global warming are climate-denier TV weathermen. That link takes you to a long list of quotes from various television weather personalities – including a couple from Minneapolis – who all deny reality and use their position as frontmen pretending to be scientists to delude the public. Take a look and see if your local television station has a conspiracy nut doing the weather.

Of course, by the standards of the Cult Of Gore, we aren’t supposed to listen to PZ Myers because he doesn’t have a degree in climatology. Anyhow, so far, the Warmists have failed to prove using the scientific method that this warm period is any different from the previous warm periods throughout the current interglacial period. They’ve established a tentative link to CO2 without the benefit of scientific proof, instead, they use simple conjecture more similar to the Underwear Gnomes. And they refuse to abide by the doctrines of their cult and change their own behavior.

I think we can safely say that no Republican should be allowed anywhere near the reins of government. They’re anti-science through and through.

Silly me, I thought the Constitution forbade any sort of religious tests to be elected.

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