AGW Today: You Can Forget An Indian Summer, Brits

Climate creationists to blame this on man’s release of greenhouse gases in 3…2…1….

Hopes were raised as Britain basked in sunshine last week after the coldest August for 17 years, but they will fizzle out as a band of heavy rain sweeps the country this week.

Charlie Powell, a Met Office forecaster, said: “We had a decent last week of summer in the last week of the school holidays – but from Monday we get an autumnal feel to the weather.

And the wet and windy conditions are expected to continue into next week, with no sign of another sunny spell on the horizon.

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Thunder, lightening and gale force winds will lash most parts on Tuesday, forecasters warned, with temperatures dropping to around 64.4 degrees Fahrenheit (18 Celsius) in the south from last week’s high of 75.2F (24C).

Said autumnal feel comes three weeks early. Of course, since it is chilly early, this will be blown off as being “just weather.” Or, alternatively, the Believers will spin a web about how greenhouse gases make it cold. The true measure of man caused global warming being a religion is that it causes everything.

Of course, since it is the Met office making these predictions, Britain will probably end up with weather like we have in North Carolina instead, based on their failures over the last few years. Of course, they aren’t the only ones who guesstimate. So does the UN IPCC, as admitted by their head hypocrite, Rejandra Pachauri.

Meanwhile, I wonder where all the climate data comes from

However, meteorologists are limited by the lack of data they receive from monitoring stations around the globe. Although there are more than 6,000 such stations providing data about temperatures, wind, precipitation and other variables, these only generate monthly averages for a particular locality.

“We need to get daily temperature readings if we are going to make accurate forecasts,” said Peter Thorne, of the Co-operative Institute for Climate and Satellites in North Carolina. At the same time, swaths of Africa and Antarctica and much of the Amazon have no stations at all.

So, they basically do not have the data necessary to make the predictions. Good to know. And no wonder people sacrifice being green in favor of comfort, what with the belief in AGW collapsing further every year. It doesn’t help that the leaders are typically complete climahypocrites. Prince Charles is showing his hypocrisy yet again.

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