Antarctic Sea Ice Sees Record Growth, Cause Climate Change

This is not the first time “climate scientists” and a compliant media attempted to Blamestorm the growth of Antarctic sea ice on Hotcoldwetdry, and probably won’t be the last.

Antarctic sea ice shows record growth, climate change likely cause
The growth of sea ice is not evidence against the effects of climate change, but rather the consequence of it.

Antarctic sea ice is seeing a rapid period of growth this year, but that doesn’t mean the Poles are safe from climate change, says NASA.

NASA reported the ice measurements to be at 7.78 million square miles (20.14 million square kilometers), a day after it exceeded the extent of 20 million square kilometers (7.72 million square miles).

“The planet as a whole is doing what was expected in terms of warming. Sea ice as a whole is decreasing as expected, but just like with global warming, not every location with sea ice will have a downward trend in ice extent,” said Claire Parkinson of NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center in Maryland.

The growth of sea ice is not evidence against the effects of climate change but rather the consequence of it. This could be the result of the rapid melting of land ice which sends fresh water into the ocean making it freeze at higher decision. It could also be the result of changing wind patterns and other external factors.

Remember when all the “climate scientists” told us that global warming/climate change would cause Antarctic sea ice to increase? And, if the ice starts to decrease, this will be Blamed on climate change, as well. Because this is a cult, and everything validates their Beliefs.

Best comment

I heard that if nothing is doing as predicted, we’re to shut up because science.

Exactly. Because you’re anti-science if you dare question the reality of what’s occuring, and you’re nasty if you mention that Warmists rarely practice what they preach.

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