Apparently, There’s No Such Thing As Natural Weather Anymore

Another day, another bit of raving, anti-science discourse and scaremongering by a climate alarmist. Let’s start out with

Heat waves, droughts, blizzards and the the rest of the year’s U.S. record-breaking extreme weather, likely enjoyed a boost from global warming, suggests a climate report.

Well, there’s a truly scientific word “suggests.” Can they put an actual hard value on that notion? I guess not.

In 1950, U.S. record breaking hot weather days were as likely as cold ones. By 2000, they were twice as likely, and in 2011 they are three times more likely, so far. By the end of the century they will be 50 times more likely, Meehl says.

How about, instead, telling us what the next few years will do?

Rather than totally triggering any extreme event, global warming just makes it worse, says meteorologist Jeff Masters of Weather Underground, a report reviewer. “A warmer atmosphere has more energy,” he says, contributing to heat waves, tornadoes and other extremes. Even heavy blizzards come from an atmosphere packed with extra moisture by global warming he adds. “Years like 2011 may be the new normal.”

I “suggest” that the next inter-glaciation will be caused by globull warming. Now you have to prove me wrong. But, you can’t because I’ve set up conditions that make it impossible. Now, give me a $4 million grant.

Anyhow, here we go

There’s really no such thing as natural weather anymore,” says climate scientist Donald Wuebbles of the University of Illinois, who was not involved with the report, but said he largely agreed with its conclusions. “Anything that takes place today in the weather system has been affected by the changes we’ve made to the climate system. That’s just the background situation and it’s good for people to know that,” Wuebbles says. Although scientists cannot immediately tie what percentage of an extreme weather event relies on global warming to make it more severe, he says. “It’s always a factor in today’s world.”

So, if the wind blows, it’s because someone in Durban drove a fossil fueled vehicle on the way to the IPCC conference.

Steven Goddard points out that 100 years ago, they blamed it on wireless communications. And, hey, didn’t they used to blame any change in the weather on witches? Me, I blame zombies. As they decay, they release lots of methane.

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