Are Trees Revolting Over “Climate Change”, Or Just Confirming The Pause?

The obvious answer seems to miss members of the Cult Of Climastrology

Global warming: are trees going on strike?

Trees, crucial absorbers of climate-harming carbon dioxide gas, may finally be balking at an ever-earlier spring season brought on by global warming, researchers said Wednesday.

Over the past several decades, trees across central Europe have been steadily sprouting their spring leaves earlier in response to warmer temperatures, they said.

As a result, forests absorbed more carbon dioxide in a longer growing season — a boon that has been worked into global warming projections.

But a study published in the science journal Nature said trees have slowed their pace of seasonal advance — raising fears it may stop altogether.

Oh, noes, doom!

Forests play an important role in stemming global warming by absorbing carbon dioxide — the most abundant greenhouse gas — from the atmosphere.

We could probably stop right there, after that massive whopper. The most abundant greenhouse gas is water vapor.

In real life, they found, leaf-sprouting happened steadily earlier over two study periods: 1980-1994 and 1999-2013 — about 13 days overall over the past three decades.

But when the scientists compared the two terms, they noticed the advance of earlier sprouting had slowed by 40 percent in 1999-2013.

“We found the response (to earlier spring) has declined over the past three decades, and strong winter warming may further reduce it,” said Yongshuo.

Might there be another explanation? Could it be that the trees themselves are responding appropriately to the latest Pause? The time frames match almost perfectly, where there was a spike in temperatures from 1980-1996, then a pause since. Perhaps we should be listening to the trees when they tell us that members of the Cult of Climastrology are alarmist fools.

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