Are You Ready For A Study On How Camel Poots Affect Climate Change?

The alarmists just can’t help themselves

Charles Darwin University has been funded for the year-long study to monitor the impact of the wild camel herd on the carbon cycle.

It is estimated that more than one million camels are roaming the country’s arid regions.

The study will monitor carbon emissions and sequestration, in particular, looking at camel flatulence and the greenhouse gas effect created by decomposing carcasses.

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Hey, wait, hold on a second: these are wild camels. Meaning that this is not the fault of mankind, just nature doing what nature does. Yet, the outcome of the study could cause the camels to be culled, ie, killed because they fart. Their numbers be cut down, due to an irrational belief that CO2, a natural gas that all living animals put out, is going to destroy the planet. What’s next, culling the wildebeest populations in Africa? We’d have to cull the crocodiles, lest they starve. And the zebra’s. And get the picture.

How about if the True Believers just stop driving and taking airplanes? With winter approaching, they can turn their thermostat down to 55 degrees. Hand wash their clothes, dry them on lines. Take two minute showers. Only flush once a day. No hair dryers. Eschew all products made with petroleum (which means the alarmist will pretty much have to go naked. Shiver). Stop watching TV and using the Internet. Come on, alarmists, lead by example.

Meanwhile, Sony and Kyocera have pulled out of being sponsors of the 10:10 project, after that unhinged video. Heck, even the alarmists at 350.0rg want nothing to do with 10:10 now.

Obama has finally broken down from the pressure, and will allow solar panels to be put on the White House roof. Welcome back, Mr. Carter! (I make fun, but, it’s a good idea.)

What was that about all the Big Oil money for Prop 23 (which suspends climate change legislation in California till unemployment gets below 5.5% for 4 straight quarters.)? And even Grist is questioning the reality of globull warming.

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