Aussie Warmist Really Upset Over Democracy “While World Burns”

I never did get around to discussing the recent Australian elections, where Labor lost control and the Liberal Party won. But, I tell you, the Labor losers, Warmists all, have become really fun. As Steve Milloy notes “Democracy is so yesterday when the Left loses”

Voting while the planet burns

In the Barrington Tops, where my farm is, no one can remember spring coming quite so early, or being quite so hot. That our new prime minister will scrap the carbon tax is a sad irony

Awwww, poor little Jane Caro, she seems rather upset that the Australian people voted heavily for the Party that stated as their primary platform that the “carbon” tax would be sent to the scrap heap. This follows on the heals of the March 2012 Queensland elections, which were a complete blowout, seeing Labor lose so many seats that they were no longer a recognized political Party, all because of Labor passing the carbon tax law, which they had previously stated they would not do.

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She spends most of the rest of her “opinion” piece whining about warmth and wild-fires and flood and drought, without bothering to provide any factual proof that it’s Mankind’s fault, nor noting that it’s weather, not climate (BTW, agriculture is really a much bigger producer of GHGs than fossil fueled vehicles), and ends with

According to leaked details from the most recent report from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change in the Sydney Morning Herald yesterday, the world’s ice sheets are melting rapidly as the planet warms. Greenland’s ice added six times more to sea levels in the decade up to 2011 than in the previous 10 years and the Antarctic melt produced a five-fold increase.

But, hey, at least our new prime minister is going to honour all his promises — including repealing the carbon tax, whether its the right thing to do or not.

Wait, a politician honoring their promises? What a novel concept. Something Labor failed to do. But, yeah, Warmists are really upset over that democracy thing when they lose.

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