Aw. There May Be No Copenhagen Global Warming Deal

Man, what a shame

Denmark’s prime minister says he does not think a legally binding deal on climate change will be agreed upon at a December summit in Copenhagen.

Lars Loekke Rasmussen spoke ahead of an EU summit at which climate change will be one of the main topics.

“We do not think it will be possible to decide all the finer details for a legally binding regime,” he said.

However, UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon said that even if no treaty is signed in Copenhagen, he was confident a political agreement could be reached there.

Essentially, that is all the Kyoto Protocol was, a political agreement. That is still a bad thing, though, since the majority of signatories harmed their economies and still failed to reach their assigned targets. But, it will surely give theBamster a chance to fly off to attempt to be Mr. Rock Star again, do a little blame Bush, and try to show that he is actually relevant on the world stage. Guess who gets to pay for his carbon offsets?

Good thing a leading UN IPCC report author, who shares that Nobel the group won, doesn’t state that cap and trade won’t destroy the U.S. economy or something similar.

Meanwhile, you know what all those greenhouse gasses causes in the Philippines?

But Sarah Umayat, medical technologist of the town’s rural health center, was forced to bring a vaccine thermometer to find out of it could be used to gauge the temperature.

The sudden dip in temperature had surprised residents, she said. She noticed the change in temperature after Typhoon “Pepeng” struck the Cordillera’s upland towns.

“Maybe this is another effect of climate change,” she said.

Apparently, it causes Idiocy. It is also so evil, it supposedly forces children in the Philippines to quit school and stay at home to watch their brothers and sisters.

Finally, just to make your day complete, supermodels strip (not all the way) for global warming (starts about 20 seconds in.) I can’t find the full video over at, but, hey, you can get their iPhone app, and lower emissions 350 music player!

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