Bad News For Hotcoldwetdry: Jeep Sales Booming

The dead science of globull warming is being turned into a zombie at this point (via Marc Morano)

(USA Today) Chrysler Group plans to add workers at the Toledo plant to build more Jeeps, and might add a third shift at the Ram truck plant.

In what’s becoming a string of good-news announcements nearly as striking as the bad-news disclosures of just three years ago, Fiat-controlled Chrysler says demand for its Wrangler is so strong it needs to hire more people to build more Jeeps.

And it’s mulling a third shift at Warren, Mich., where it builds the Ram full-size pickup. Ram’s updated for 2013.

MPG for both the Wrangler and the Ram are pretty low. Doesn’t Chrysler know that they are bad for Gaia, and could make it hotcoldwetdry through usage of evil fossil fuels? I guess bailed out Chrysler doesn’t care: they prefer actually selling vehicles that people want rather than pitiful electric cars. Speaking of electric cars

(NY Times) Electric car sales have so far ranged from disappointing to dismal. But Lee Broughton, head of corporate sustainability for Enterprise Holdings, the parent of Enterprise, National and Alamo, has an idea about how they might be improved: by enlisting an American demographic he calls the “urban eco-curious.”

In 2010 Enterprise invested in electric vehicles, buying 350 Nissan Leafs, but it found that its customers were not really interested. Consumers hesitate to rent them for the same reason that they hesitate to purchase: “range anxiety,” or worry about how far the car will go without a charge.

So, people have no interest in even renting them. For Enterprise Holdings, though, they’re stuck with a whole bunch of Leafs

Rental car companies are in a perfect position to educate consumers about the new technology, Enterprise’s chief executive, Andy Taylor, suggests. “We have the capacity to provide the perfect channel for introducing, testing and socializing new vehicle and other transportation innovations,” he said in a speech this week.

Let me know how that works out. People do not want to be lectured by a rental car company: they simply want to rent a car.

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