Belief In Man Made Global Warming Continues To Plummet

The Cult Of Gore continues it’s slow decline into the trash heap of other fads

Three-quarters of Americans say natural disasters are on the increase, but fewer than ever believe the climate is heating up, a new poll finds.

Seventy-six percent say hurricanes, tornadoes and earthquakes are becoming more frequent, and 31 percent say much more. Only 2 percent perceive a decline and 23 percent no change.

We’re actually gone over a 1,000 days since the last landfalling hurricane hit the USA, the longest time period since the Civil War.

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Only 44 percent say they “believe the theory” that carbon dioxide emissions are warming the Earth, down from 51 percent in 2009 and 71 percent in 2007, but most movement has been into the “not sure” column.

The online poll of 2,163 adults was conducted June 13 through 20. Harris does not give margin-of-error figures.

I’m sure the Warmist will take comfort that Belief dipped just 7%, rather than the previous 20%. So, their next move is to go out and show that they do believe by practicing what they preach. Oh, who are we kidding: we all know that they will ramp up the awareness campaigns, continue the personal insults, agitate for government regulations, but, do little to nothing themselves to reduce their own “carbon footprints.”

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