Bill McKibben: Climate Scientists Should Go On Strike Or Something

Bill McKibben is a co-founder of the wacky, and a hardcore Warmist. Actually, he’s more in the uber-Alarmist category. He’s known for his overheated rhetoric (as is He’s also a massive climahypocrite, traveling all over the US and the world via fossil fueled travel, complaining about fossil fuels. Heck, in just the next few months he’ll be in Texas, Hawaii, Pa, Arizona, and Washington state. Anyone think he’ll walk, ride a bike, take a sailing boat, to get to those places? Anyhow

Time for climate scientists to go on strike

Late last night Yokohama time, the world’s scientists did once more what they’ve done so many times in the past: issued a thumping big report demonstrating that climate change poses the greatest danger our civilization has ever faced. These regular analyses have been conducted since 1995 under the auspices of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change — by now the papers, indexes, footnotes and drafts would fill the Superdome.

They’ve said it with graphs, they’ve said it with tables. They’ve offered color-coded guides to future decades. They’ve told us about basic science and, when that didn’t work,: they’ve tried to explain it in terms anyone could understand. The latest summary, for instance, shows that most studies of food production in a warming world forecast dire trouble — some, by century’s end, show a 50% reduction in crop yields. Both drought and flood will keep on increasing, the number of refugees will climb sharply, and we risk “civil wars and intergroup violence.”

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Did it include this graph?

If you can’t explain the pause, you can’t explain the cause.

But if science has worked, political science has failed. So far, the world’s political leaders have balked at ever doing anything about global warming, and each new warning produces declarations of meaningless resolve. Here’s John Kerry, the Secretary of State, reacting to the latest study: “Read this report and you can’t deny the reality: Unless we act dramatically and quickly, science tells us our climate and our way of life are literally in jeopardy.” True enough, and eloquent enough, except that his own State Department team last month recommended building the Keystone Pipeline through the American heartland, a project opposed by every prominent American climate scientist.

So at this point it’s absurd to keep asking the scientific community to churn out more reports. In fact, it might almost be more useful if they went on strike: until you pay attention to what we’ve already told you, we won’t be telling you more. Work with what you’ve got. We’re a quarter-century ahead — when you deal with the trouble we’ve already described then we’ll tell you what’s coming next.

I think this is a great idea, especially since most of them are not climate scientists. In fact, according to Warmist talking points, we shouldn’t listen to Bill, because he holds no degree in climate science. Honorary degrees do not count.

But, yes, they should all go on strike, including all the bureaucrats, that way we can avoid being inundated with idiotic scary prognostications from people who refuse to practice what they preach.

Because it’s perfectly clear by now that you can’t scare politicians with the news that the world is ending. It’s going to require convincing them that something they really care about might disappear: their jobs.

See? Scary stories.

Powerline also hopes they all go on strike, and discusses the notion of the “scientists” doing their work for free, which McKibben mentions in the article.

Anthony Watts also hopes they all go on strike, and mentions the poll in McKibbens article, which goes drastically wrong, and is titled “Do you see climate change as a threat to your life or well-being?” 77% answer “no”, just 21% say “yes”. Whoops!

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