BOOM! Global Warming Movement Takes MAJOR Hit – Obama Agency EXPOSED For Fraud!

BOOM! Global Warming Movement Takes MAJOR Hit – Obama Agency EXPOSED For Fraud!

Looks like the National Snow and Ice Data Center has been caught fudging data on climate change. They are in good company with NASA and NOAA. All of these agencies lie and manipulate data for a political agenda. This agency studies sea ice coverage in the Arctic. They fiddled with the data to show the ice caps were melting at an alarming rate… which of course is bull pucky. In fact, ice has been thickening in the Arctic since 2009. But with a digit here and a digit there, these climatologists can get a chart to say anything they want… and that is what they did. When the data didn’t fit the narrative, they made it fit.


From the Conservative Tribune:

The credibility of those responsible for pushing the global warming, or climate change, hoax has taken a few hits lately. NASA and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration have both been caught fudging data to make their case.

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Now the National Snow and Ice Data Center, which studies matters such as sea ice coverage in the Arctic, has been caught tampering with data to help further the notion that the ice caps have been melting at an alarming rate and something needs to be done about it.

The truth was actually quite the opposite. According to data from its own website, ice in the Arctic has been in a “stage of recovery” since 2009. However, since this information doesn’t go along with the narrative that’s been perpetuated to the public for decades, the organization simply fiddled with its charts.

In the first chart below, you can see in reality what is happening with the ice in the Arctic since 1983. It’s obvious the ice isn’t melting at an alarming rate at all. The second chart shows how the NSIDC flipped the chart to manipulate data. The first chart had the five-plus year ice on the bottom. The second chart put the five-plus year ice at the top of the chart. Nifty, huh? Presto, chango! Instant global warming. These people obfuscate facts and make things incredibly difficult to understand so they can hide what they are doing. Steve Goddard of Real Science explained all of this in detail on his blog. He pointed out the difference between old and new maps published on the NSIDC website as vastly different and, according to Goddard, there is no scientific reason for this. To make matters even worse, the agency deleted all the older maps from its archive. However, they missed one and that is what Goddard referred to as the smoking gun. It demonstrates how the data was manipulated in such a way that the fraud known as climate change can continue to be sold to the public. The whole thing has been a lie and a fraud from the very beginning.




Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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